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October 17

How can a game developer make money on P2P / torrents?

Q: How can a game developer make money on P2P / torrents?  A: By not paying for traffic generated by customers downloading his game installer and patches.  We have been hosting our installer and updater files on different hosting services – at the beginning we used one non-name hosting company, then Amazon S3, and then...

September 20

Greenlight stats for Miner Wars 2081 – we are #21

Steam just changed the way they present stats of games on Greenligh. Actual stats for Miner Wars 2081 (visible only for us / authors): Everything looks great except that Miner Wars 2081 is only #21. One would expect to be #1  🙂 Whose fault is that? Our fans? Ha? I am assuming they are going to...

September 12

Funny bugs in Miner Wars 2081

In the last few weeks of development of Miner Wars 2081, we have collected a couple of funny bugs. 1) when you lock doors on your mother ship and then travel to another sector, you respawn outside of your mother ship – but since the doors are still locked, you can’t get back into your...

September 8

2.5D gameplay in Miner Wars 2081

One hour experiment: 2.5D gameplay in Miner Wars 2081 (which is a 6DOF game – six degrees of freedom) This idea exploits our other title: Miner Wars Arena Except that in this experiment we can reuse everything that’s already in MW 2081 (in-game editor, 50 weapons, sector traveling, multi-player, AI…) Any ideas? Do you want...

September 6

Hall of fame

Two years ago I promised a special “hall of fame” sector for top contributors to Miner Wars. Finally here it is: check the actual test build! It’s there as a death-match sector named “Hall of fame”. Right now we have only one contributor in there. We are waiting until others send their photos. Wanna get...

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