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December 20

IndianTV interviewed Keen Software House team

IndianTV (a local gaming TV channel) visited our studio and they made an interview with me. English captions available (just click on youtube panel) You can watch the episode here: Or jump to Part #1 (at 4:19) or Part #2 (at 18:22) — Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and you...

November 11

Space Engineers sold 100,000 copies in its first 3 weeks

Some of you were asking how many copies of Space Engineers were already sold. We just crossed “the magical number” and I want to share it with you: over 100,000 players have purchased Space Engineers in its first 3 weeks. It is a big pleasure to see how the community has accepted the game and...

October 30

7 Days Later

It is one week since we launched Space Engineers on Steam Early Access, a time for some recapitulation. On Friday we managed to do our first post-launch update – adding the Workshop integration, some small improvements and new languages. However, the most important story of the last seven days is the response of the players....

October 23

Development update for 9-10/2013

A quick summary of the development during the last two months: September and October 2013. A week ago we realized that Space Engineers is in a good shape and so we decided to make it available for purchase during two 3-hour and 24-hour windows. This allowed us to make some people happy and to perform...

October 8

Every “space engineer” should see Gravity in IMAX

This Saturday, our team went to IMAX to watch Gravity – I was looking forward to this movie since I read about it years ago. It was better than I expected. Gravity is a great technical, visual and audio experience! Some of us are so thrilled that we are going for a second rep...

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