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December 17

Space Engineers: Super-large worlds, Procedural asteroids and Exploration

Today we released three large features and we want to tell you more about how they work and how we implemented them. We are really happy to be able to deliver this to you as a Christmas gift đź™‚ Hopefully there won’t be any major problems. Even before we implemented “super-large worlds”, the size of a...

December 3

Space Engineers: Exploration & Call for “player created content”

One of the bigger features that we are going to release very soon is exploration (together with “super-large worlds” and “procedural asteroids” – more details in a future blog post). We need your feedback and that’s why I am declassifying it prematurely đź™‚ The exploration feature will add a practically infinite number of ships and stations...

November 4

Space Engineers – development progress and retail release

This blog post begins with the same words I used in my Space Engineers for Xbox One post: let me assure you that the retail release of Space Engineers in US/EU/AU stores has no effect on our development plan, priorities or the game you are playing and following right now. To put it simply: the...

October 15

Level design & Stabilization period

A few months back we realized that Space Engineers had already almost all of the core features we originally planned to implement and that now would be a good time to start adding game scenarios — something that will give players goals to achieve; something that will make Space Engineers more of a game and...

September 15

Programming is coming to Space Engineers

Programming is making its way into Space Engineers. The first version will come this Thursday (September 18th, 2014). You will have four different ways to “program in Space Engineers“: Modding API – This will be the first one. It’s not for everyone, because it will require modding the game. Some programming experience will be required....

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