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December 15

GoodAI – R&D Roadmap – Preview

Today I’m writing to offer a brief peek into the GoodAI R&D roadmap to AGI (general artificial intelligence), a document we plan to release to the public in the coming weeks. It outlines our vision and methodology for developing universal artificial intelligence. The roadmap will focus on our plans for the next few months. To...

November 30

GoodAI is heading to North America: NIPS 2015 Montreal & SF Bay Area

I’m gearing up for a trip to North America this week, and I’m happy to announce that 4 of my colleagues will join me! Our traveling team of 5: Me with our COO, Olga Afanasjeva, and 3 GoodAI senior researchers: Dusan, Honza, and Jarda Our first stop will be Montreal, Quebec for the week-long Conference...

November 12

Planets! Because you wanted them

Today is an important day in Space Engineers history. I am very happy to present the biggest and most challenging addition we have ever made: Planets! Space Engineers now has the largest, fully destructible, volumetric and persistent planets in the universe! Since day one planets occupied the top spot among the most requested features by...

October 23

Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Space Engineers

Dear Engineers, Today we are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Space Engineers. It has been two years since the release of the game co-developed by the community and shaped by its fans. To this day, more than 150,000 community creations have been shared and more than 100 weekly updates issued. We are not celebrating just...

September 16

Another GoodAI Milestone: Attention, Vision, and Drawing

Today I am excited to share with you that our GoodAI team has reached another milestone. These research results are part of our artificial brain architecture that we call the attention module. Your brain’s ability to focus and pay attention to its surroundings is an important part of what allows humans to survive and live...

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