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December 29

Congratulations to Ben Goertzel on the success of SingularityNET

I would like to congratulate Ben Goertzel on raising $36 million in 60 seconds for his SingularityNET project (here and here). They recently ran a public ICO which saw all available tokens sell out in a minute. It may be publicized as an “overnight success” but knowing Ben, and following his work, I know that...

December 4

Report from the AI Race Avoidance Workshop, Tokyo

SUMMARY: GoodAI recently organized a workshop in Tokyo on AI Race Avoidance with some of our partners At the workshop we focused on mitigating the main pitfalls of an AI race I have coauthored a new blog post summarizing the outcomes of the workshop The AI Race Avoidance round of the General AI Challenge will...

November 23

Space Engineers Physics & Engineering Contest

SUMMARY: Starting today Nov 23, 2017 and ending on Jan 31, 2018  6 categories: Engineering Ingenuity Physics Bending “Crash Test” Recreation “Community Creations” Recreation Vanilla Epicness! Modding Epicness! Win Skin Sets & Space Engineers T-Shirts and Hoodies Hello, Engineers! Now that the release of our Major Physics Overhaul is in the hands of the community,...

November 21

Medieval Engineers Major Update 0.6: Mechanical Blocks

SUMMARY: Mechanical blocks! New planet with unique biomes and additional resources! Research quests Improvements for animations and performance! Hello, Engineers! I have been working with the Medieval Engineers team over the last couple of months to make sure the game fulfills our original vision. This major update is one step towards this goal. It’s full...

November 17

Space Engineers: Major Physics Overhaul

SUMMARY: Massive physics overhaul Pistons, rotors, landing gears and more Grid deformations – Improved, optimized, tweaked and balanced Optimizations – Less lag, more fun Improved subgrid behavior and fragility Stronger constraints for mechanical blocks so they don’t break so easily Less Clang, more engineering With today’s major update, 1.185.0, we are releasing a large overhaul...

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