Archive - 2018

February 15

The results of the Space Engineers Physics & Engineering Contest

Hello Engineers! The big day is here! We are ready to announce the winners of the Space Engineers Physics & Engineering Contest.   As you saw and heard during the online award ceremony on Thursday, February 15 on the Keen Software House Community Network on Twitch, which was hosted by Xocliw, we announced four category...

February 2

Space Engineers: Major Overhaul of Visuals, Audio and Wheels

SUMMARY: Motivation: playing Space Engineers should feel good What we did: Massive overhaul of visuals, audio, wheels, and tons of other improvements Replay & Offline rendering (our internal tool for recording ingame videos) used for the first-time Nvidia Ansel Render blog post – a guest post from Jan Hlousek, Keen Software House VRAGE Engine Lead...

January 18

Launch of “Solving the AI Race” round of the General AI Challenge

SUMMARY: GoodAI has launched “Solving the AI Race” round of the General AI Challenge  $15,000 of prizes for solutions  Round will run until May 2018  Today we have launched the “Solving the AI Race” round of the General AI Challenge, where participants have the chance to win $15,000 in prizes by sending us suggestions on how...