Archive - 2020

November 25

Space Engineers: Wasteland

The new Wasteland update is here! Wasteland is all about racing, speed, dust, roaring engines, twisted metal, and especially, fun with your friends. We have focused heavily on the multiplayer racing experience, something we hope you enjoy with other players. Wasteland provides you with new choices when designing your creations. With this new set of blocks, you can now build even better vehicles, cars, and rovers. And we can't wait to see what you create!   

September 10

GoodAI announces $300,000 AI Grant fund

GoodAI recently announced a new grant scheme worth $300,000 that will help push forwards our development of AGI. The grant was announced at the Meta-Learning & Multi-Agent Learning Workshop which we organised. 

August 24

Historical Oranžérie opens in style

We recently celebrated the grand opening of The Oranžérie which is now the home to both GoodAI and Keen Software House. It was an awesome party with over 100 guests from the AI and videogame world and we enjoyed a BBQ and a projection of Keen Software House's work on the side of the new building. 

August 6

Space Engineers: Server Optimizations

We are pleased to present you with a very special update that focuses on server performance.  Multiplayer enthusiasts, and especially Server Host/Administrators, will want to read on in order to learn about the new systems we are implementing. These changes are focused on improving the overall player experience of servers and will have a bigger impact on larger, more populace servers.

July 27

Oranžérie Opening

My long-term dream has always been to have a headquarters for our team. A place where we can come together, collaborate, and achieve great things! A place that we can fit to our needs and wishes, a place that has cozy interiors and a comfortable garden. A place where our people feel good. Also, the very name "Keen Software House" suggests that we should have a "house"!

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