Archive - 2021

July 28

Space Engineers: Heavy Industry

Hello, Engineers! The next Major release for Space Engineers is upon us. Heavy Industry Introduces a whole new vision of industry in Space Engineers! A reimagining of industrial might, from lunar mining site to factory floor; smelting, refining, and mass production never looked so good.

July 22

Why am I doubtful about the future of Bitcoin?

People use Bitcoin as a speculative asset rather than as a means of payment. Bitcoin isn't used where it could be most beneficial: storing and communicating value across time and space.

April 23

Space Engineers – Warfare 1: Field Engineer

Hello, Engineers! The next Major (1.198) release for Space Engineers is upon us. Warfare 1: Field Engineer provides you with new choices in how you create and destroy. Field Engineers is the first installment in our all-new Warfare content! Warfare 1 doesn't just focus on the Engineer, it also includes new blocks to outfit your base, space station, or fortress. Prepare your defense or lay siege like never before.

February 11

Space Engineers: Community Crossplay

Ever since our initial release of Space Engineers on the Xbox platform, we have worked hard to provide the best Space Engineers experience for everyone, regardless of platform. Today’s release takes us one step closer to bridging the gap between PC and Xbox communities by ensuring that every Space Engineer can build, create, and imagine with friends on their platform of choice.

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