Archive - 2011

October 31

KILLER feature of Miner Wars 2081

What feature is going to be the KILLER feature of Miner Wars? This post is intended to open a discussion. My mission is to find the single thing that will make Miner Wars remembered for centuries. Our team already has some ideas, but what we need is the voice of the people. When I started...

October 22

We were in Czech Television!

The guy in the white shirt is me… although I can’t believe I look so weird 🙂  Camera doesn’t like me.

October 19

New Release Of Miner Wars & New Logo

Hi guys! We have just released a new Miner Wars Test Build (and granted Test access to all our customers), so feel free to try the new version and post your suggestions, ideas etc. More information as to the current release as well as comming soon features is available in the official PR in our...

October 2

Angry German Kid finds Miner Wars

This is one older video made by Ansel. It reminds me of… myself! 🙂 What has happened in last two-three weeks: We had guests from Czech Television (CT1), they made some short interviews with us for the show/documentary about computer games in the middle of October. Work on Miner Wars technology is finally nearing its end,...

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