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August 19

Failure to shoot at our customers

I just experienced a situation that I would never anticipate – failure to shoot at our customers. It happened after we released the first MW 2081 Test Build with multi-player. I used to launch it every few hours, to see who is playing, and if there was someone, I joined his game. Usually I just...

July 9

Finishing ALPHA build – 10:30 PM – Keen Software House

This is how it looks in our office – at 10:30 PM We are excited about Russian Assault mission that’s going to be in the upcoming ALPHA test build. It’s playable, it’s fun, and it just feels great. It’s Miner Wars 2081.

June 2

Saturday at Keen Software House

Saturday at Keen Software House is a happy place. We are working on Miner Wars 2081 and Miner Wars Arena. Next week is E3!

April 20

Article in SCORE magazine

We got nice three pages in SCORE – printed games magazine for Czech/Slovakia. If you live here – go and buy it! Issue no 219. Very important: you can get Miner Wars 2081 for free in the next issue: no 220!

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