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September 25

Answers to your questions #1

Answers to Space Engineers related questions posted on our Facebook page and our forum. Steam Early Access date will be announced during the first week of October 2013. We have two building modes: creative and manual Creative mode is what you can see in this video have unlimited resources, adding and removing blocks is...

September 17

Artificial Gravity in Space Engineers

In this blog-post I will describe the solutions we considered and tried in Space Engineers regarding artificial gravity, I will reveal the one we finally chose and explain how close to realism it is.  Warning: Space Engineers is still in development. Everything in the game is subject to change.  Humans need gravity to avoid adverse...

September 9

Space Engineers announced & Development details

Today we announced our new sandbox game “Space Engineers”. More info at I am going to describe the decisions that led to this project and some details from its development. Space Engineers is in alpha stage of development – the core gameplay is almost finished (constructing modular grid-like objects in manual and creative mode,...

August 7

Making of Miner Wars 2081: Story and Missions

I want to show you the process of story writing, mission designing, voice-over recording / post-processing, game-play polishing and testing during the development of Miner Wars 2081. Spoiler alert: following chapters reveal the story. When I started to work on the story of Miner Wars a few years ago, I decided to proceed with the...

May 24

Postmortem: Miner Wars 2081

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post, so you might be wondering what we’ve been up to all this time. Well, we were finishing Miner Wars 2081, which took up most of the team’s focus and energy, along with the post-release bug-fixing period. Then, we worked on the design document for...

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