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August 13

Space Engineers for Xbox One

First of all, let me assure you that the development of Space Engineers for Xbox One won’t affect the PC version. In the past months, our team has silently grown. We have people who are dedicated to weekly updates, people who work on long-term features, people who work on our super-secret AI project and people...

June 4

Programming in Space Engineers (programmable blocks and HUD)

Introduction Some time ago I was playing with the idea of adding “programming” into Space Engineers. Today, I would like to share with you my design document – still in its early version. Please keep in mind that everything that is mentioned below is in a very preliminary stage and is subject to change. This...

May 29

Space Engineers – Dedicated Servers and Multi-player

Today we released an early version of dedicated servers for Space Engineers and we also added multiple fixes and performance improvements for multi-player. We kept testing dedicated servers during the last 7 days, but we still consider them to be in an early stage: only large-scale testing can prove them to be working correctly and...

April 4

First-year anniversary of Space Engineers Development

Introduction This month we have reached the first-year anniversary of the development of Space Engineers. You can think of it this way: a year ago, there was no Space Engineers. Not even a prototype. We only had the vision of how the game should look in 12 months. Today, we have this 🙂 Numbers represent “simultaneous...

March 31

Results of the “How do you play Space Engineers” survey

Thank you all for participating in the survey. Now we have some useful data that will help improve Space Engineers and take it in the right direction: 6424 of you have responded to the survey. Only 13% of you prefer the creative mode over survival. This is interesting, considering the fact that the survival mode...

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