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August 18

Stabilization period for Medieval Engineers and Space Engineers

Our Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers teams have been working hard to develop new features over the past few months, and recently it became clear that in order to keep the gameplay at a high level, we need to slow down the pace of adding new features and focus more on improvements.  To say it...

July 21

GoodAI is heading to the AGI-15 conference in Berlin!

GoodAI is gearing up for our first whole-team conference about general artificial intelligence in Berlin, Germany from July 22-25. We’re sending a full bus of team members, about 25 people, to represent GoodAI. GoodAI team on the roof of our offices! AGI-15 is organized by the Artificial General Intelligence Society together with the Association for...

July 15

Esprit de corps at GoodAI

Today I’ve prepared a special blog post to tell you a little more about how we do things here at GoodAI. Our way of working is all about esprit de corps, or what’s often just called “morale” in English – it’s about believing in a purpose and staying motivated to move forward towards a common...

July 7

Announcing GoodAI: a Keen Software House sister company in general artificial intelligence

Today I’m thrilled to publicly announce GoodAI, a Keen Software House sister company developing general artificial intelligence. In this post, I will tell you more about our current stage of general artificial intelligence research at GoodAI, where we hope to go from here, and especially about our plans to improve our games by integrating them...

June 24

Keen Software House is moving and expanding: new Prague and Brno offices

Today I’m happy to report that we’re taking the next step in our plans to expand the Keen Software House teams. We’re growing very rapidly and planning to grow even more – at the moment we have about 30 people working on the games team and roughly 20 on the AI team. We just signed...

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