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November 2

AI Race Avoidance

Updated: please note that Round 2 of the General AI Challenge, AI Race Avoidance, will now be launched in February 2018. We have pushed the launch date back as we recently started working with some exciting new partners and will need more time to finish the specifications of the round. Find out more here:

October 1

Parasitic computing

I just stumbled upon a new concept: Parasitic computing It grabbed my attention because some days ago we were discussing similar issue in our team – the fact that the gradual meta-learning architecture may invent experts that act like parasites on other experts, etc. Parasitic computing is programming technique where a program in normal authorized...

September 30

Results and Evaluation for Gradual Learning Round of the General AI Challenge

SUMMARY: We have finished the first round of the General AI Challenge focusing on gradual learning There were no winners but we awarded $7000 of prizes to reward the top four efforts We will continue the gradual learning round in 2018 and are launching Round 2: Race Avoidance in November 2017 We have reached a...

September 25

Space Engineers Skins Sale (Concluded)

SUMMARY: 6 skin sets available for purchase Sale starts September 25, only open for a few days Store option has been requested by players Rules of screenshot competition are not changing This sale has now ended. Thank you for your feedback and we hope you enjoy your newly acquired skins! Hello Engineers! Today we’re excited...

September 14

Screenshot & Loading Screen Competition

SUMMARY Screenshot competition starting today, 14/09/2017 and ending on 01/10/2017 Entries must follow Marek’s style guide. Read more here. 4 categories: Original Space Engineers Scenes, Skins, Container Capture and Epicness Double skin drop rate for duration of competition Last chance to receive the “Veteran” skin set   Hello Engineers! We are launching a screenshot competition...

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