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September 23

How to show scale and real world proportions in space

In Miner Wars we always had issue with how to show to player the real size of objects around you? How can you “feel” that a tunnel is wide 20 meters and not 2 meters or even 200 meters? In standard FPS games this is much simpler, because you know that you are a person...

September 5

Release Postmortem & Public Build vs. Test Build & New Logo

Release PostmortemThe last release on the 30th/31st August was the first one after 8 months of awkward silence. Now it’s the time for some reckoning. What went right: the in-game editor was finished up to the usable state the new renderer was finished up to the usable state we survived switch from a small team...

September 1

Public Release Featuring Editor

New Pre-Alpha Public Build featuring in-game editor is out! New features: Download at:

August 28

Upcoming release and moving to a cloud

Upcoming release – 30.8.2011 and 31.8.2011 Finally after 8 months of a release silence, we will have a release! First one will go 30.8.2011 to the test build environment and the day after to the public build environment. We are not going to announce it loudly because first we want to test the new auto-updater...

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