Archive - 2014

March 13

Space Engineers – “Survival mode” update

Today’s “survival mode” update is the biggest since Space Engineers launched on Early Access. Even the multi-player update didn’t bring so many changes. We chose to name it “survival mode” and not “realistic mode” as we originally planned. Everyone seems to have a good understanding of “survival games” these days – it’s a common term...

January 27

Space Engineers – development update 1/27/2014

Summary of multi-player update and what are we working on right now. The multi-player release was the biggest event since the launch of Space Engineers. It was the most successful and yet the roughest update we had. Most successful – because it tripled the sales of Space Engineers and increased player numbers as well –...

January 14

Space Engineers – sound design

We are planning to start adding sound effects in Space Engineers so I thought that this is a good time to share with you our preliminary sound design. This document doesn’t represent the final work and there are things that may change in the future. World/server in Space Engineers can be configured in one of...

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