Archive - 2015

February 22

Guest post by Karel Antonin: Making the music for Medieval Engineers

This blog post was written by Karel Antonin, who co-composed the music for Miner Wars 2081, which was also later used in Space Engineers. Last year, Karel started to work on music for Medieval Engineers. Karel: “The first notes and ideas started to form half a year ago when Marek invited me into Keen Software...

February 18

Space Engineers: Planets, oxygen, DirectX 11, optimizations and multi-player

People keep asking us “what is the next big feature to be added to Space Engineers“.  As at the moment the major part of our plan focuses on long-term goals (which will take months to finish), and we don’t want to keep people in the dark, we’ve decided to reveal some of them. Before I...

January 13

Medieval Engineers

Today is one of the best days of my life. I believe that my colleagues feel it the same way. The days when we release a major feature or announce a new game are the leading motivations of why we keep developing games. On days such as today, when we present something new and await...

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