Thursday, September 20, 2012

Greenlight stats for Miner Wars 2081 - we are #21

Steam just changed the way they present stats of games on Greenligh.

Actual stats for Miner Wars 2081 (visible only for us / authors):

Everything looks great except that Miner Wars 2081 is only #21. One would expect to be #1  :-)

Whose fault is that? Our fans? Ha?

I am assuming they are going to greenlight 10 games per month, so with this speed we get on Steam in December. That's not acceptable!

Force all your friends to go there and vote! Please! :-)


  1. "Whose fault is that? Our fans? Ha?"
    Not sure I get what you mean, but it's definitely NOT my "fault"... I was one of the first 20 people who voted for MW2081 in Steam Greenlight as I read it on the Facebook newsfeed from MW's page (which translates into "Almost immediatly")!
    It'll only be a "fault" of your fans if the game ACTUALLY hits Steam store because of Greenlight!
    I can't see how this kind of PR helps your cause! I am pretty sure, the Social Media audience doesn't fall for that kind of marketing...

  2. CybeRNerO, thanks for your vote!

    That thing with "fault" was just a provocative joke.
    50% of stuff I say is just some stupid joke that doesn't make sense :)

  3. Yeah, I know, but trying to be the Devil's advocate here before some other lame defacing internet troll (or covered up competitor) hits this point!
    You know how press loves to play with these kind of words (especially gaming press which "plays" a lot with the rich companies!).
    I have seen what you guys have done there from your first steps (I am one of the pre-Alpha buyers)! The thing is, don't let any factor get in the way to success for your game! We want to see your efforts shine!