Thursday, September 20, 2012

Greenlight stats for Miner Wars 2081 - we are #21

Steam just changed the way they present stats of games on Greenligh.

Actual stats for Miner Wars 2081 (visible only for us / authors):

Everything looks great except that Miner Wars 2081 is only #21. One would expect to be #1  :-)

Whose fault is that? Our fans? Ha?

I am assuming they are going to greenlight 10 games per month, so with this speed we get on Steam in December. That's not acceptable!

Force all your friends to go there and vote! Please! :-)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Funny bugs in Miner Wars 2081

In the last few weeks of development of Miner Wars 2081, we have collected a couple of funny bugs.

1) when you lock doors on your mother ship and then travel to another sector, you respawn outside of your mother ship - but since the doors are still locked, you can't get back into your mother ship :-)

2) if you meet a neutral bot and trade with him (e.g. buy all his weapons) - and then he becomes your enemy (due to story reasons) -- he can't fight you, he has no weapons :-)

3) there's huge nuclear explosion at the end of second mission (Laika). If you are fast enough you can see this explosion from the next mission (Barth's moon). These locations are on the opposite sides of the Solar System :-)

4) when you die in a co-op game and then you respawn -- you are still dead :-)

5) and then there's this screenshot -- I would add just one more red notification "No Money, Bitch"

Saturday, September 8, 2012

2.5D gameplay in Miner Wars 2081

One hour experiment: 2.5D gameplay in Miner Wars 2081 (which is a 6DOF game - six degrees of freedom)

This idea exploits our other title: Miner Wars Arena

Except that in this experiment we can reuse everything that's already in MW 2081 (in-game editor,
50 weapons, sector traveling, multi-player, AI...)

Any ideas?

Do you want 2.5D in MW 2081?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hall of fame

Two years ago I promised a special "hall of fame" sector for top contributors to Miner Wars.

Finally here it is: check the actual test build! It's there as a death-match sector named "Hall of fame".

Right now we have only one contributor in there. We are waiting until others send their photos.

Wanna get there?