Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Medieval Engineers in Robert De Niro movie

Keen Software House has made its Hollywood debut with Medieval Engineers in The War With Grandpa!

You can check out the trailer:

We are honored and humbled that one of our titles has made it into a movie!

Medieval Engineers was selected by the producers of “The War With Grandpa” because of its lifelike take on real-world physics, building, destruction, and structural integrity. This unique combination of features are core to the plotline and allowed Medieval Engineers to play a pivotal role when the grandpa (De Niro) wants to destroy Peter’s (Fegley) creation. Spoiler alert!

Peter loves to play Medieval Engineers as a creative outlet and a way to hang out with friends.

Returning to live with family, Peter’s Grandfather (De Niro) takes up residence in what was once Peter’s room, and Peter is forced to move into the, less than appealing, attic. Very upset over his move into the attic, Peter formally declares war on his Grandpa, seeking to retake his old bedroom by any means necessary!

Unfortunately for Peter, as this “war” escalates, his grandfather (Robert De Niro) realizes that Petes’s love of Medieval Engineers makes it a perfect target, and the destruction begins!


An All-Star Cast

The War with Grandpa features many well-known actors and we could not be more proud to see our game alongside this incredible and talented cast. ;)

This all-star cast includes the likes of Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Christopher Walken, Oaks Fegley, Laura Marano, Cheech Marin, Jane Seymour, and many more!

For a full list of cast and crew check out the Full Credits.

“The War with Grandpa”, is now available on Google Play and Amazon as well as other streaming services.

Hollywood Simulation!

Medieval Engineers became a well-known, and much-loved title for its physics and structural integrity system. These features allowed players to not only imagine sprawling worlds and innovative machinations but to realize those creations, all while adhering to the constraints of “real world” mechanics.  

At Keen Software House, we want to create games that are based on real science, real facts, real physics, and real emotions. No magic and fantasy allowed.

Our game Space Engineers for example, which has sold over 4 million copies, features a realistic, volumetric-based physics engine. Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction, and maintenance of space works. Players build spaceships and space stations of various sizes and utilization (civil and military), pilot ships, and perform asteroid mining.

GoodAI, which I started in 2014 with a personal investment of $10M also uses Space Engineers in experiments for the new VeriDream project, testing possible applications of artificial intelligence, robotics, and more. GoodAI’s mission is to “develop safe general AI, to help humanity and understand the universe.”

Our games promote science and encourage creativity. We want to help foster an interest in history, physics, space exploration, and all STEM fields. Our hope is that players will learn new things while playing our games.

We feel honored to share such a big stage and hope that it serves as a platform for games like Medieval Engineers. Not only is Science & Engineering engaging and fun, but it’s worthy of the big screen!


If you’re interested in working on awesome games like Space Engineers, we’d love to hear from you!
Check out the open positions at Keen Software House or open positions at GoodAI and don’t forget to send us your English CV/resume and cover letter.

Remote collaboration is possible!

If you want to let me know your feedback, please get in touch via my personal email address, or use our Keen Software House support site. I welcome all of the feedback we receive and we will use it to learn and provide better services to our players.



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Marek Rosa
CEO, Creative Director, Founder at Keen Software House
CEO, CTO, Founder at GoodAI

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Personal bio:
Marek Rosa is the CEO and CTO of GoodAI, a general artificial intelligence R&D company, and the CEO and founder of Keen Software House, an independent game development studio best known for its best-seller Space Engineers (4 million copies sold). Both companies are based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Marek has been interested in artificial intelligence since childhood. He started his career as a programmer but later transitioned to a leadership role. After the success of the Keen Software House titles, Marek was able to personally fund GoodAI, his new general AI research company building human-level artificial intelligence.

GoodAI was founded in January 2014, with a $10 Million investment from Marek, it now has over 30 research scientists, engineers, and consultants working across its divisions.

At this time, Marek is developing Space Engineers, as well as leading daily research and development on recursive self-improvement based general AI architecture - Badger.