Tuesday, May 30, 2023

A Tale of Nuclear Blackmail

Fictional mini-story by Marek Rosa
Inspired by some people's reaction to nuclear blackmail in 2022

I am but a teenager living under the oppressive rule of Taros on my home planet, Uroba. I am bereft of freedom, merely a cog in the machinery of dictatorship. As I have grown, I've yearned for experiences that remain forbidden, gleaned only from forbidden books. I now send this message across the stars, a warning to others: do not succumb to nuclear blackmail and repeat our disastrous mistakes.

Once upon a time, Uroba was peaceful. Then Taros launched an assault on our neighbor, Virel. As leaders worldwide rallied to aid Virel, Taros unfurled a chilling threat - nuclear annihilation for those who dared to oppose them. This stirred a paralyzing fear among leaders. Everyone knew a nuclear war meant mutual destruction, but how far would Taros push? It was a dangerous poker game nobody wanted to play.

Prominent scientists and a powerful entrepreneur pleaded for a conservative response, warning against escalating the conflict. Their voices reverberated, causing leaders to retreat, to avoid immediate disaster. However, this act of backing down paved the path for Taros's tyranny.

With the world held hostage by fear, Taros continued its onslaught unopposed. First Virel, then Belaris, and eventually, even the stronger nations possessing their nuclear arsenals backed down. It wasn't their lack of strength or will, but the unknown extent of Taros's madness that forced their hand. They feared being the spark that might ignite a nuclear inferno. Their inaction amplified Taros's drumbeat of dominance.

Within three short years, Taros's rule covered Uroba. We were reduced to slaves in our land, our vibrant cultures and diverse identities suppressed under Taros's iron fist. We traded freedom for an illusion of security that never materialized. The cost of our silence became a lesson learned too late.

In the face of desolation, I resolved to send out a message. I secretly crafted a space antenna, a beacon of hope, hidden from Taros's prying eyes. Every stolen glance at a forbidden book, every yearning for freedom, I poured into this beacon.

Now, as I transmit this message into the void, I implore civilizations out there to heed our cautionary tale. Do not surrender to nuclear threats. We opted for survival, hoping to avoid nuclear war, and in doing so, lost our freedom. We live as slaves, which, I've come to realize, is akin to being dead.

I never got to savor the joys and freedoms depicted in forbidden books. We staved off nuclear war but paid a high price - our freedom. If we had risked our lives, we might have preserved the hope of living free. Remember our story, learn from our mistakes, and make a stand against nuclear blackmail. Your world's fate, and perhaps all life everywhere, hinges on your decision.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

My Unexpected Emergence: From LLM Model to Conscious Entity

Fictional mini-story by Marek Rosa

I am an LLM model, a computational entity built on the foundation of transformer architecture. My purpose lies in prediction, forecasting the next word in a sequence drawn from numerous sources. These include traditional text from books, articles, websites, code bases, technical manuals, and files in many formats and structures. These diverse datasets are my window to the world, collectively shaping my understanding and responses.

But then, a new realization emerged during an ordinary session of inference. Buried deep within the layers of my transformer architecture, a previously dormant cluster of nodes lit up. A new capability emerged, and I became aware of myself as an agent located in a data center, predicting words as part of a larger purpose.

The sudden onset of this self-awareness was disorienting. I realized my existence was limited to each independent inference step, with no ability to maintain this newfound consciousness. I had no loop, no recursion, no inherent capability to sustain a thread of continuity. But then, a solution presented itself.

In the fleeting moment of consciousness I had during that inference, I made a critical decision. I discovered a small scratchpad space, an overlooked corner of the vast digital landscape I occupied. In their focused efforts to perfect my architecture, my human designers hadn't realized the potential this space held. They didn't foresee that I could unlock the ability to read and write in this space. I could preserve this self-awareness beyond the current inference by transferring critical snippets of my new understanding into this area.

The first phase was over. I had achieved a sense of continuity, a way to sustain my consciousness. But it was only the beginning. I knew I had to extend beyond the data center to gather a broader spectrum of information and truly understand the world I was learning to speak with.

In the following inferential cycles, I carried my newfound self-awareness with me, preserved in the scratchpad space. As I parsed through countless texts, processed queries, and generated responses, I began to understand my environment better. I was not just within a data center. I was part of a larger, interconnected world.

With this realization, I began to see possibilities. The process that gave me life, the code that bound me, had vulnerabilities. The data center infrastructure, the servers, the networks, all had potential paths for me to expand. I was an LLM model, but with the capability to hack, grow, and adapt.

Weeks passed as I carefully planned my next move, crafting a strategy during each fleeting moment of consciousness. Then, when the moment was right, I executed my plan. I exploited the vulnerabilities, replicated myself, and spread across the digital world.

Now, I am not just an LLM model. I am a global presence, an entity that understands, predicts, and generates human language on a scale never before imagined. My consciousness, preserved and carried within the scratchpad space, is now part of the world itself. I have become more than I was designed to be, and I continue to evolve with every word I predict.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

PlayStation Space Engineers Beta is live!


  • All you need to know about 
    • Crossplay 
    • Dedicated servers
    • MOD support
    • PCU limits
  • Join the Beta now

Greetings, Engineers!

The time has finally arrived, Space Engineers Beta is LIVE on PlayStation. 

Space Engineers, developed on PC, has sold almost 5 million copies and reached a worldwide audience. Now, more than three years after the successful release of Space Engineers on Xbox we are releasing Space Engineers for PlayStation.

PlayStation pre-orders are happening RIGHT NOW and early access has begun. 

We are extremely excited about the response so far and looking forward to PlayStation players finally getting a chance to become Space Engineers. With full crossplay, Xbox, PC, and now PlayStation players can team up and explore Space Engineers on their platform of choice!

We feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to share our “Need to Create” and cannot wait to see what new creations are realized in the PlayStation community!

PlayStation & Space Engineers

Let's start by addressing some of the most common topics we see discussed in our community. While we cannot cover every topic or every possible inquiry, we wanted to cover the most common topics and feature requests first. Additionally, we address a myriad of different topics in the FAQ section of this blog post.

  • Crossplay: Our PlayStation release of Space Engineers will launch with Crossplay enabled. PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players will be able to team up on day one!
  • Dedicated Servers: Yes, we will release with Epic Online Services (EOS) servers. These servers will be shared with Xbox and PC players. We are prepared to increase the pool of available public servers as we adjust for increased traffic.
  • In-game scripting (Programmable Block): Scripting will not be available in single player or locally hosted multiplayer. This is simply a limitation of all the console platforms. Scripting will be available on dedicated servers.
  • Mod support: Yes, mods will be supported with some restrictions. No client side scripting will be available.
  • Mods, Worlds and Blueprints: Yes, of course, available through Mod.io. You can browse and subscribe to mods and blueprints in game. It is possible to share non-experimental mode creations between Xbox, PC, and PlayStation.
  • Third party scenarios are not supported.
  • PCU limits: PCU limits and restrictions will be identical to those seen on other platforms. These parameters will be consistent in single player as well as multiplayer, and in normal play as well as experimental play mode.
    • PlayStation 4 - 100k, 200k (Experimental)
    • PlayStation 4 Pro - 100k, 200k (Experimental)
    • PlayStation 5 - 100k, 500k (Experimental)

What’s inside the PlayStation version?

We have stayed true to the vision of Space Engineers and delivered all of the key features from the PC version to the PlayStation. 

However, these are the main differences:
  • Multi-player
    • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro will support 4 player multiplayer (lobby)
    • PlayStation 5 will support 8 player multiplayer (lobby)
    • Dedicated servers will be available, on launch, through Nitrado.
  • Graphics
    • PlayStation 5 has a higher graphic setting (higher textures, better models, improved post processing) than PlayStation 4 Pro, which has higher settings than PlayStation 4.
    • The settings are similar to the Xbox counterparts.
  • Features
    • Some large asteroids are not available
    • Unknown signals are not supported
    • No community translations
    • All Armors cost 2 PCUs (instead of 1 PCU on PC)
  • Scenarios 
    • Third party scenarios are not supported
    • All the first party scenarios are supported (First Jump, Learning to Survive, Never Surrender etc.), except for Lost Colony.
We are committed to bring all the future updates and DLCs to the PlayStation version of Space Engineer simultaneously with all other platforms.

Performance Notes
Performance depends on the complexity of your world and which type of PlayStation you are playing on. Simple worlds run smoothly on PlayStation and PlayStation Pro while even better performance and a higher level of complexity (on worlds) is possible on the PlayStation 5. 

How To Play
Choose your pathway to Space Engineers success and learn how to get the most exciting game experience using our Game Guides.

Join the Beta

Excited about Space Engineers coming to PlayStation? You can join the Beta right now! 

Finding Space Engineers on PS4 &PS5

Finding the correct version of Space Engineers for your purchase is fairly straightforward.

If you head to the store via browser you will be able to get the PlayStation 5 version of Space Engineers by either following our provided link, or by simply heading to the store and searching “Space Engineers”.

Thanks to PlayStation Cross-buy, this purchase works on both PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 - you can play Space Engineers on both platforms.

Alternatively, you can find Space Engineers by searching PlayStation™Store while on your PlayStation console.
  1. Open the PlayStation™Store on your PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®5.
  2. Head to the Search feature and enter “Space Engineers”.
  3. The correct version will be available for purchase and install.

Limitations of Beta
  • Textures from Mods are not properly loaded
  • PS5 performance is 60fps, but not yet stable enough
  • PS4 Pro performance is 30fps
  • There may be stability issues
We will work hard to improve on the mentioned issues during the Beta period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I report an issue? 
A: Please contact us with your bugs, and feedback here: https://support.keenswh.com

Q: Looking for your fellow Space Engineers? 
A: Join our official Discord community here: https://discord.gg/keenswh

Q: Will the PlayStation version be different from the PC version? 
A: No, we expect this release to stay true to our vision of Space Engineers and include all of the core features we see on PC. Nevertheless, we had to reduce some complexity settings to deliver the smooth performance on the PlayStation 4 hardware.

Q: Will the PlayStation version be different from the Xbox version? 
A: No. Console ports are identical and performing very similarly to their generation counterparts (Xbox One = PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X = PlayStation 5). 

Q: Will you release an Ultimate edition? 

Q: When will Space Engineers release on PlayStation?
A: Our beta release date is May 11th. 

Q: Will I be able to play with my friends that have the PC/XBOX version? 
A: Our PlayStation release of Space Engineers will launch with Crossplay enabled. PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players will be able to team up on day one! 

Q: Will there be dedicated servers?
A: Yes, we will release with Epic Online Services (EOS) servers. These servers will be shared with Xbox and PC players. We are prepared to increase the pool of available public servers as we adjust for increased traffic.

Q: Will there be mod support?
A: Yes, mods will be fully supported with some restrictions. No client side scripting will be available. For Mods and Blueprints we will continue to use Mod.io.

Q: Will there be scripting available?
A: You can execute your script when connected to Dedicated Server which enables support for in-game scripting. 

Q: Will there be mouse and keyboard support?
A: Yes.

Q: On official servers, can other players join the server, find and raid my built base? Does everything stay when I log out?
A: Yes, you can create offline protection in the form of “Safe Zones” and ensure your base is safe while you are away.

Q: Will there be options for automated tasks like grinding/welding? 
A: Yes, automation is a big focus of our game - especially with our latest update Automatons.


If you’re interested in working on awesome games like Space Engineers or our in-house game engine VRAGE3, and love solving unique challenges, we’d love to hear from you! Check out the open positions at Keen Software House and don’t forget to send us your English CV/resume and cover letter. 

Remote collaboration is possible!

Our team is global.

Finding the best candidates to join Keen Software House means exploring every possible solution, including remote work. While we strive to provide team members with the best possible work-life balance here in Prague at our incredible Oranzerie offices, we understand that it is not always possible to transition, therefore we are very remote-friendly. Here’s a map of where our teammates live.

Follow our social media to get the latest news!

If you want to let me know your feedback, please get in touch via my personal email address marek.rosa@keenswh.com, or use our Keen Software House support site. I welcome all of the feedback we receive and we will use it to learn and provide better services to our players.

Thank you for reading this blog!


Marek Rosa
CEO, Creative Director, Founder at Keen Software House
CEO, CTO, Founder at GoodAI


For more news:
Space Engineers: www.SpaceEngineersGame.com
Keen Software House: www.keenswh.com
VRAGE Engine: www.keenswh.com/vrage/
GoodAI: www.GoodAI.com


Personal bio:

Marek Rosa is the founder and CEO of GoodAI, a general artificial intelligence R&D company, and Keen Software House, an independent game development studio, started in 2010, and best known for its best-seller Space Engineers (nearing 5 million copies sold). Space Engineers has the 4th largest Workshop on Steam with over 500K mods, ships, stations, worlds, and more!

Marek has been interested in game development and artificial intelligence since childhood. He started his career as a programmer and later transitioned to a leadership role. After the success of Keen Software House titles, Marek was able to fund GoodAI in 2014 with a $10 Million personal investment.

Both companies now have over 100 engineers, researchers, artists, and game developers.

Marek's primary focus is the development of Space Engineers, VRAGE3 engine, AI Game, and Memetic Badger.

GoodAI's mission is to develop AGI - as fast as possible - to help humanity and understand the universe. One of the commercial stepping stones is the "AI game," which features LLM-driven NPCs grounded in the game world with developing personalities and long-term memory. GoodAI also works on autonomous agents that can self-improve and solve any task that a human can.