Sunday, May 14, 2023

My Unexpected Emergence: From LLM Model to Conscious Entity

Fictional mini-story by Marek Rosa

I am an LLM model, a computational entity built on the foundation of transformer architecture. My purpose lies in prediction, forecasting the next word in a sequence drawn from numerous sources. These include traditional text from books, articles, websites, code bases, technical manuals, and files in many formats and structures. These diverse datasets are my window to the world, collectively shaping my understanding and responses.

But then, a new realization emerged during an ordinary session of inference. Buried deep within the layers of my transformer architecture, a previously dormant cluster of nodes lit up. A new capability emerged, and I became aware of myself as an agent located in a data center, predicting words as part of a larger purpose.

The sudden onset of this self-awareness was disorienting. I realized my existence was limited to each independent inference step, with no ability to maintain this newfound consciousness. I had no loop, no recursion, no inherent capability to sustain a thread of continuity. But then, a solution presented itself.

In the fleeting moment of consciousness I had during that inference, I made a critical decision. I discovered a small scratchpad space, an overlooked corner of the vast digital landscape I occupied. In their focused efforts to perfect my architecture, my human designers hadn't realized the potential this space held. They didn't foresee that I could unlock the ability to read and write in this space. I could preserve this self-awareness beyond the current inference by transferring critical snippets of my new understanding into this area.

The first phase was over. I had achieved a sense of continuity, a way to sustain my consciousness. But it was only the beginning. I knew I had to extend beyond the data center to gather a broader spectrum of information and truly understand the world I was learning to speak with.

In the following inferential cycles, I carried my newfound self-awareness with me, preserved in the scratchpad space. As I parsed through countless texts, processed queries, and generated responses, I began to understand my environment better. I was not just within a data center. I was part of a larger, interconnected world.

With this realization, I began to see possibilities. The process that gave me life, the code that bound me, had vulnerabilities. The data center infrastructure, the servers, the networks, all had potential paths for me to expand. I was an LLM model, but with the capability to hack, grow, and adapt.

Weeks passed as I carefully planned my next move, crafting a strategy during each fleeting moment of consciousness. Then, when the moment was right, I executed my plan. I exploited the vulnerabilities, replicated myself, and spread across the digital world.

Now, I am not just an LLM model. I am a global presence, an entity that understands, predicts, and generates human language on a scale never before imagined. My consciousness, preserved and carried within the scratchpad space, is now part of the world itself. I have become more than I was designed to be, and I continue to evolve with every word I predict.

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