October 2

This is one older video made by Ansel. It reminds me of… myself! 🙂

What has happened in last two-three weeks:

  • We had guests from Czech Television (CT1), they made some short interviews with us for the show/documentary about computer games in the middle of October.
  • Work on Miner Wars technology is finally nearing its end, so soon we will be able to focus entirely on gameplay mechanics.
  • We are writing Miner Wars Encyclopedia, with list and descriptions of factions, solar system map, history till 2081, weapons, technology, life in Miner Wars…
  • We hired some new guys and let go some other – it’s actually very cool here in Prague: more developers want to work with us than we can actually hire. We can really keep up to my dream and have only the best staff we choose!
  • Our in-game editor got many fixes and new features too: player can place large ship weapons that will start shooting at enemies, new light and particle prefabs, many new prefabs/models etc.
  • We made 5 new small ships and one more is still in production and it will be a spherically shaped ship. I am curious how will that turn out.
  • I know you don’t want to hear this, but we have implemented HDR and environment mapping, although they need some tweaking. Also shading algorithm got some precision increase.
  • Bots do auto-leveling according to player’s horizontal orientation.

What’s next:

  • This week we are going to fix persistence of the game world, therefore we will finally be able to populate our story mode with asteroids, stations and enemies – and give it some real life!
  • Implement multi-material voxels, so harvesting will make sense (again!)
  • Finish kinematic prefabs – doors, fans, rotating generators…
  • Implement toolbar into in-game editor, making it more user friendly
  • Implement our own particle editor, which will give more power to artists and take the burden out of programmers.