October 10

Lately you have been crying and demanding a new footage. Since we like spoiled kids, here is a small demonstration of our latest advancements in VRAGE rendering.

All these phrases such as SSAO and HDR are almost a standard feature in current AAA video games – but I wanted to show them, because our lead rendering programmer Petr Minarik took a special care to make them extremely beautiful!

I am a modest person so I will just say: Miner Wars is now the best looking space simulation ever 🙂

Other than that: the next big milestone is to finish playable sandbox single-player story mode. Once it’s done, the game will finally start to live. Sectors will get filled with asteroids, debris, space stations, rats, mosquito and pedestrians. We are not far from that, maybe 2-3 weeks.

Yeah, regarding my “personal life” – I was finally able to spend a full weekend programming. Not just doing design and architecture, but actual programming. That’s very refreshing. My mirth has disappeared at Monday morning – once there are people in the office, I am interrupted at least every 5 minutes. I don’t know if people want to talk with me because of my friendly personality, or they just enjoy bothering me, or mix of these two… what do you think?

New Miner Wars logo is in the production (by our genius artist Filip Novy) – you can see the first sketch in the video above.