January 18

Today I have reached a score of 33 years on this planet.

It occurred to me while I was responding to questions in an interview. The interviewer mentioned there that I have been a programmer for a decade. This didn’t sound correct, so I made a quick calculation in my head and fixed it: it’s actually been 18 years.

Eighteen years of being a programmer! Wow. I started at age 15, now I am 33; that makes it 18 years. Huge!

Some people are not even that old.

Some serious statistics:

  • Programmer period of my life is longer than non-programmer period (18y vs. 15y)
  • If I spent 10 hours of programming per day on average, that’s 65,700 hours of nonstop programming, or 6,570 days
  • If I wrote 100 lines of code per day, that’s 657,000 lines of code during my whole life
  • That would make a book with 13,140 pages
  • Or 43 books, each one having 300 pages
  • If I would be making just the minimum US wage, I would make $420,480
  • If I spent all that time just walking, it would be 328,500 kilometers
  • That’s 8x Earth’s circumference
  • Or 85% of the distance between Earth and its Moon
  • Or 0.22% of the distance between Earth and the Sun

Curiosity at the end: I still have spent more time sleeping than programming! It’s funny though…

  • Total Hours Programming: 65,700 hours
  • Total Time Asleep? 96,360 hours!

Best Regards,

  1. 10 hours average on every single day sounds quite a lot, haven't you had any other jobs, studies, vacations etc. ?

    Unless you make up for those by also coding _all_ of your free time I highly doubt the actual average is even half of that 🙂

    Anyway, 18 years is truly a lot of experience!