November 11

Some of you were asking how many copies of Space Engineers were
already sold. We just crossed “the magical number” and I want to share it with
you: over 100,000 players have purchased Space Engineers in its first 3 weeks.
It is a big pleasure to see how the community has accepted
the game and how you are helping to make it one of the best sandbox games.
Thank you for your support and we are looking forward to the
following updates that are about to come.
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Warning: Space Engineers is still in
development. Everything in the game is
subject to change.

  1. Prostě super pařba, bude prodáno více jak bude přdán COOP + nějaký mimoni by nebyli také na škodu.

    1. Rough translation:

      Just super blowout, will be sold over the COOP + Please login to add a Mimo would not have hurt.

    2. Correct Translation:
      Just great (super) game, there will be sold much more once there is COOP added + some Aliens wouldn't be bad either.

  2. Wow, congratulations! Just got it today as a birthday present and I love this game. I really look forward into the future of the game and hope you work on the survival mode. 🙂
    Greetings from Germany!

  3. Hopefully such figures suggest it's a project that will result in workers getting to eat and pay the bills. 🙂
    It's hard to know how to measure the success of art. It's hard enough getting a success in the product, but even harder getting the economic return. Hope it goes well!

  4. Superb. We knew this game had immense potential, but now we know there is immense demand too! Can't wait for multiplayer!

  5. When can we have some weapons to destroy our creations with??? Not the rifle. I want rockets!!

  6. Expect a rise in sales once co-op/multiplayer is added; lots of my pals want to wait until then before buying the game.. Still, 100,000!! Congratulations!

  7. It'll be great once they intreduce COOP and having automatic hanger dorrs and rounded sides would be good too. also more types of cannons for ships and maybe a sheild gen.
    This game is amazing!

    1. Planets would be nice, or at least asteroids with some gravity…

    2. and meaby some space pirates or aliens so you got something to destroy

  8. spent my first payment from my graphic design job to get this game 🙂
    first job ever!
    so many memories shall come from this fantastic game!

  9. This is the game I've been dreaming about all my life… a realistic minecraft in space. My two favorite things combined block construction and Star Trek.

  10. Congratulations to you on your first 100,000 copies sold! I am sure that many, many more will be sold in the future… This is the first game in a long time where I actually have a hard time turning off my computer! Great job on everything so far. I can't wait for the future updates and enhancements to this splendid game!

  11. its time to come up with the multiplayer before ppl get bored of crashing there creations over and over again in any stations 😡 ^^ hope so bad its soon! sry for my bad english.

  12. This game is 19 layers of awesome. Multiplayer and weapons would be cool. As it is I have spent all my free time for the last week playing this game. Congrats on 100k and keep up the good work.

  13. I can not wait to get this game! It has huge potential to really become one of the best sandbox games ever! Keep up the good work, and hopefully we can see some multiplayer coming soon!

  14. Congrats!!!! I can just picture the epic battles of the future in my head… Giant spaceships attacking space stations… tons of fighters in space dogfights…

    This is gonna be epic!

  15. I cant wait! I can picture the epic battles for intergalactic domination already!!!!

  16. Anonymous said…

    I cant wait! I can picture the epic battles for intergalactic domination already!!!!

  17. Anonymous said…

    I cant wait! I can picture the epic battles for intergalactic domination already!!!!