March 31
Thank you all for participating in the survey. Now we have some useful data that will help improve Space Engineers and take it in the right direction:

6424 of you have responded to the survey.

Only 13% of you prefer the creative mode over survival. This is interesting, considering the fact that the survival mode was made available only a few weeks ago.

Only 7% of you play with a competitive style, which can be explained by the current lack of differentiation between friends and enemies. Or it can be explained by the fact that Space Engineers is an engineering game and not a FPS.

On the other side 41% of you use weapons which contradicts the 7% competitive play. So I have a question: what do you use weapons for?

The most flattering feedback was to “How did you found out about Space Engineers?”. Only 7% of you found Space Engineers through the usual sources (magazines and blogs). The rest of you found it through the community (Steam, friends, Youtube). This is awesome and a proof that our initial plan of “focusing on community only” works.

Full results are available below:

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We can’t reply to every comment, but I can assure you that we try to read as much as possible and your comments will influence how Space Engineers develops.

Marek Rosa

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  1. As of right now, playing against each other is pretty hard. No way to see someone else, no radar and such. Once we get faction, you will see more combat. Also, game modes supported by developers would be nice. Also on the note about weapons, I use weapons to see if a design of mine works. I enjoy making ships efficient but also look nice. True I could make a cube but thats no fun and I want to see what would happen if my capital ships got attacked by a carrier full of fighters. Since playing survival and creative, I know how annoying it is to weld a heavy armor block for a large ship and try to incorporate enough of those in the frame with light armor providing a good balance of speed but strength. Its a very fun game and you guys should be proud of it. I have enjoyed many hours in this game. The one block I wish you guys would come out with would be a elevator block of some sort. My carrier is almost finished and a elevator to get out stored fighters would complete it.

    1. You sir,have won my respect.You completely voiced all my opinions and thoughts on the game.So guys an elevator please we need it.

    2. Elevator doesn't do you much good if all of the landing gear break and the ships are uncontrollable.

    3. Ok I love playing the game. I like being creative and building also like building bases that make sense with doors to show an airlock. I use the weapons to see how the ships or bases would handle a fire fight. I think the friend/foe code system would be great as well as large weapons. The biggest thing would be to make airlocks so when building ships you have to make them airtight as well as easy to fly. The reason I see the ships with atmospheres is because you should be able to remove you helmet but also need to watch out because at any min you could have a bulkhead blown open and sucked out. I think it would add to the building skills but also add to people that want to attack a ship from a hidden position and kill everyone not in the suits when the hull gets blasted.

    4. I didn't like the survey at all… to have a good viewpoint u should have something to compare this with… ask how we play now, and how we would like to play.
      Right now i can't play like i would like to because missing features force me to play different way.

    5. Try docking your fighters to slabs that can be swung around using rotors.

  2. I use the weapons for self defense or just as fun / to test them.
    When you join an online multiplayer game where everyone can join in you will need them to defend yourself against griefers.
    Also Ships just look more "badass" when they have weapons on it, that is why I use them, but still dont play competitive mode.

    1. yea, effort put into creations is not wort playing competitive to get your stuff destroyed in 5sec

  3. In order to triple the sales, we need purpose and progression.

    A sequence of 10 scenarios would do. Scenario objective could be to mine, assemble, build, search/explore, transport, escape, repair, fight, rescue/support, survive (a corrosive cloud or something), ram, race, escort/protect stuff etc. There could be two things in each mission, so repair+escape, mine+fight, ram+protect, search+rescue – you get the idea.

    Measure how long it takes the group of players to complete the scenario and publish the results (like in SpaceChem, Moonbase Alpha or World of Goo). You could also make matches where two teams of players would compete to achieve the same goal in real time.

    If you will implement this, make the format of the missions in a way which will eventually allow players to create scenarios and campaigns in the future and share them through steam just like prisons can be shared in Prison Architect.

    When you will implement scenarios (or other purpose and progression), I will buy the game.

    1. Amen. Scenarios would make this the best game in the history of games. Kudos to you, Lord Saruman.

    2. What would be better if my opinion would be if these scenarios could be randomly occurring events throughout regular survival gameplay. MP in my head would play like SP with extra players but also as you said you can be set up for 'matches' as it were.

      This coupled with the current theme and update pace would make it an infinitely playable game. And if the genre of game is your liking it's a wet dream.

    3. I agree with the idea but you can't say "In order to triple the sales".
      The developers are doing a great job using viral marketing themself and through the community. The "problem" is that they have to keep on the great work (as people easily start to take things like the update frequency for granted) which would also include updates as you mentioned. That will not be a big problem for them I assume but this will only help to continue the positive sales trend. There never is a guarantee in business.

    4. Completely agree. Random survival mode scenarios, with never finishing structure don't feel as fun, well designed or played as specificaly designed scenarios. It is always worth having a block of ten scenarios, to show the game in its best potentional before you go on creating and multiplaying in a random direction.

    5. Completely don't agree.

      A Never finishing structure with the only goal to suvive is the most fun.

      …By founding a City in Space, all goals are created by itself….

      …Like Build ressource-management-systems, trade with other players, rescue or fight against lost ships, negotiate about rights and responsibilities, prevent getting destroyed through asteroids, and so on…

  4. While I remember answering "Yes" to "Do you use weapons?", I actually don't use them that much at all. Only when I get really bored, and then it's usually the missiles to destroy asteroids for fun.

  5. Myself and my friends try to play competitively, but they game has some very awkward balance issues right now.

    -Small Ship Cockpits and other ship components (aside from armor blocks) get destroyed by explosion blasts way to easily, which means ship to ship fights end before they even get started. A rocket can land a good distance away from the cockpit, which can be completely surrounded by armor, and the cockpit will be destroyed, with no visible damage to the armor that should have protected the cockpit. This means Dogfights… not possible, unless both players never hit each other with missiles.

    Handheld Machine guns do way to little damage to other players, you can empty clip after clip into a player before they die, which makes rifles almost useless, the best weapon for player to player fighting are drills and saws…

    1. I agree, this imbalance of effort and ease of destruction is just to stupid to play it competitively

  6. I use weapons to create an scenario. For example military escort aproaches, one of our guy claim controls over it, and reroute it towards us. Then we need to set up defenses swiftly, and set up big "Shield" ship in the way of it, to stop it. Still better thing to do than "Just" building. Too much of just one thing, isn't fun too. That's why some people want life support to be introduced, like oxygen, food and water "needs". It's not just about how body functions, it's about building an proper garden for food to grow, and oxygen to be produced ( Ofc you still can use some kind of electrolyzer to split CO2 into C, and O2, but it should eat lot's of electricity). Ice asteroids could provide water, and maybe some alternative fuel source ( More effective, and maybe exclusively used in some of explosives ) Maybe fusion generator? And this will add better oportunity for roleplay, very interesting scenarios.

    Grabing things as astronaut would be great too, will help with flying of engine, which you cannot grind whole, and return materials to base.

    As for optimization, you could try to add ability for ore chunks to "merge" if they're slow moving ( around 10m/s ) Into one bigger chunk, and yours "slowmo" is great addition, better than jaggering.

    Mining Lasers. Still right now mankind are working over laser weapons, i don't know if you heard about an weapon mounted on a truck which is capable of heating up human body up to 60 degrees C, trough a wall of concreete. Current technology progress is VERY fast, so by this i think that in 60 years, we'll develop an technology with ability to melt/cut off/carve rocks. Mining lasers, should be in the game, i bet that it will be more interesting than drills which jumps around, and by mining you risk your hull for danger of hitting asteroid, or replacing drills one after another. Handheld edition should have range of 10 meters, higher energy consumption rate than hand drill, and built in tractorbeam-> ( Bellow )

    Turrets, actually an base for things, on top of it you could build mining laser, unguidied missile launcher, gatling gun, or beam laser to shoot at enemy, with one of the crew maning it, (or via your seat, by switching into remote control) things mounted on the turrets will be connected to parent ship grid.) It's like an rotor with an ability to get in, and allows to rotate itself in XY axis.

    Tractor beam. We have gravity generators, so tractor beam will work just like them, but instead will produce an beam, around which gravity is created ( In all directions, but pull will be toward the beam ) which then pulls the objects towards the source of this beam, which will have ability of upcoming collector block.

    The biggest need is api for modders to use.

    1. And transmitting electricity through motor blocks IS NEEDED. First practice use for this block, what I minded – control angle of solar panels. But connected through two motor blocks panel not connected to platform at all. So now solar panel for platform is nearly useless. And accumulating electricity (accumulator block) will be nice, for solar panel at first place, due to low energy output of them itselves.

    2. Mining lasers is just dumb. The amount of energy required to make a jackhammer go is absolutely dwarfed by the energy required to fire a laser for the duration you would need to 'cut off rock'

  7. Aye, use weapons mostly for aethetics, testing purposes etc atm
    Mostly because large ship weapons are disabled and small ship fighting is difficult to enjoy when the cockpit gets knocked out so easily

  8. I like a good throw down. With Space Engineers "Survival Mode" staking a claim against derelict ships is not so much competitive but adding flavor to the game and sometimes your just going to have to throw down. Creative mode however should be where the big battles take place.

  9. i can wait for the server if there are some new cool features instead, but i want both so badly :3

  10. My opinion about using weapons:

    i use them to disable NPC ships sometimes. Most of the time i am busy with mining/engineering.

    the idea to add meteorites sounds like fun to me. But maybe its an idea to add some kind of shields too. Maybe for future planning some radar things and stuff πŸ™‚ But for now, i like it the way it is. I really enjoy playing Space Engineers, and i cant wait for updates πŸ˜€

    1. would be good. Without gravity its realy hard to mine.(or small ships with drills can auto collect but they still cant collect lots of ore. if ship drills auto collect fixed and if an option added for auto collect to players. I can mine without gravity.)

  11. I desperately need conveyors and any method of transfer ore/components between ships and stations. (because only realistic x1, you know…) And auto-welder small-ship-size surely will be welcome… (you know why, already)

  12. We definitely need spawning asteroids (for right now). Even though cargo ships do technically provide an infinite supply of resources, it's nice to have an unlimited source of resources unharvested. Still LOVE the game though πŸ™‚

  13. what i would love is that you can come across random people or factions and that you can choose wether to attack or not. I would love to see a competitive game where theres huge servers with enemies friendlys and many sorts of factions to use your weapons on or to approach in friendly ways. Engineering is a big part for me as well but it should be both competitive and about engineering

  14. it's quite easy to understand why people dont play competitive but still use weapons : they like destroying their own things and see them go boom, i know I do πŸ˜›

  15. I think energy shields would make a huge difference in small ships battles even upto laying siege to a space station itd give the game a whole new dimension of player vs players battle

  16. The first is to improve stability and eliminate the annoying lag you have, can barely play three players, and go for mineral drilling ships directly together can not.

    If not the game running in the right direction.

    Greetings, and thank you for this great game.

    1. Amen. Net code and performance optimization before any massive features. Conveyors or factions would be welcome in the meantime. πŸ™‚

  17. I used missiles to make a hole in asteroid to get to the resources deposits faster then digging through the rock with a drill. Couple of rockets and it's done… But that was couple of times. At the moment it is mostly to see the damage they can do rather then anything else… I always liked the idea of totally interactive/destructible playing environment and this game is going in the right direction as I see it.
    Unless there will be some green/grey aliens trying to steal my ingots I will not be using weapons against other players. I prefer to play alone, where I can and save/quit when it suits me. Don't have enough time to waste it in multiplayer…

    1. Im with you whole-heartedly on this. Which is why if we had dedicated servers, theres no issue of losing all your hard work. Unless the server refreshes as they get too big…so there is that.

      But yeah, you could make a Private Survival, bring it Public for a while, then go back if you want to play alone. Just let the others know that like all other servers (currently), the game is up on your schedule.

  18. Fuck…. I wanted big ship turrets,But I wouldn't mind servers that treat worlds like different areas
    so you could combine multiple worlds without having to load the whole thing.But I guess large groups of ships coming into an area could screw that up.unless the areas had limits to how much stuff could occupy them.

  19. Hello Guys,
    I like this game and the line to the final game. I play the game as single player i hope in the future it is possible to place random ship that i use by a ki. As a scenario that the random ships are pirate they attack random and that the ship i can choose my enemy. So i will wait happy for the future, and hope that the game comes for xbox one, too. πŸ™‚

    GREETS from germany

  20. I don't understand how you could want anything right now besides a good dedicated server.
    You have to start your own MP world if you want to be able to rely on coming back to it any time and continue where you left off, spending hours in survival mode setting up base and ships. With servers not being dedicated and only available when someone boots up their PC, you have to start over 10x a day. That's a lot of wasted effort and hours in game.

    I also realize its in Alpha stage, but dedicated servers would be nice. I guess if frequent updates are happening you'd also just have to ensure each player diligently updates their version or they wont be able to log in.

    Great game so far and I bought it before MP but quit for a bored. I like knowing other players are around even if we don't help each other out much. Its just that 'social' aspect vs playing alone.

    I heard about SE through a FaceBook friend who mentioned it, and then I looked it up on Steam. I have purchased many games like this on Steam that are in development and for good reason…Im more wiling to donate money to own a game during its beginning phases then to see the $50-60 cost go to some major company who's not as focused on quality as they are on quantity.

    To the developers, keep up the good work and bring me my dedicated server options! πŸ™‚

  21. I play mostly survival and co-op multiplayer. I use weapons because I like designing combat ships, even if they don't get much use.

    I have all my previous ship designs in a big parking lot on one of my saves where I can go and look at them or blow them up to test out weapon configurations.

    My friends and I tried out dogfighting, but the lag issues pretty much killed it for now.

    Once factions and large ship weapons are implemented I'll definitely be using them a lot more to create NPC bases and scenarios. The cargo ships will also get more interesting when they can defend themselves.

  22. I would say the answer to the weapons and competive gameplay is simply.

    We cant play competitive for gods sake in survivel! Each damn figther takes hours of work to weld together, then get enough mangesium for missiles and you can only use MISSILES because without conveyors you cant pump ammunition into the mashineguns. So yes, i would like to play competive but you simply cant at the moment. Not without extreme cuts in multiplayer and survivel mode.

  23. To the person above me complaining about ammunition usage, i for one am not sure wether having ammunition transported ( conveyers creating a belt fed gun from a storage unit ) would be such a good idea imo as i am far familiar with aircrafts etc in general there is a reason why you restrain from firing unless you have a good solution on the target. Do as much damage as possible, then retreat and rearm/repair. It is in my view not a solid mad max thunderdome scenario "Two men enter, one man leaves" but a conflict that may result in both surviving.

    1. Yes. This. A lot. (Though to the original guy's point, some more ammo capacity wouldn't hurt.)

  24. I would like to see the addition of "blueprints" and "factories" in the game. If you create a ship in survival, you can make a blueprint of it – either in the form of a "drawing board" (create mode-like tool) or by scanning a finished ship. This blueprint can be copied and stored, hence stolen by other players! The blueprint will show you a ships design, designation and resource/part cost in a future-like 3D hologram or tablet, and can be inserted into a "factory". The factory should be a defined 3D "assembly area" where robotic welders (like the ones that make cars today) are placed. If you create a small ship factory, you need to have a large enough 3D "assembly area" in order to build a given blueprint (what this means is that if you have a 10x10x10 block 3D assembly area, you cannot build a ship that is 15 blocks long, because it's larger than the assembly area). Once you feed the blueprint into the factory, it will tell you how many parts it needs and start assembling.

    This supports the use of refineries, assemblers and conveyors, because you can link them together. Say two refineries feeding an assembler, then the assembler building items and sending them through conveyors to the factory which puts stuff together.

    This way, players could build shipyards, and other players can insert their designs into the factory computer and start building. This way, it's not a crisis if your fighter gets blown up, as long as you can salvage the wreck or get resources to build a new one. The factory will build it in a fraction of the time that it takes to build one "by hand".

    Of course you could define large factories to build large ships also. You could either create a HUGE shipyard for a huge ship, or create "assemblies" that can be attached to the main hull etc. What this would allow is for players to create a modular vessel. Let's say you design a completely rectangular ship. You could create it from many squares no? Let's call the rear "square" engine compartment, and it's 10x10x10 blocks large. Once it's done, you can save it as an assembly blueprint. Now you can create a generator room that's also 10x10x10 blocks. Finally create a bridge/control room, that's 10x10x10. Now you have 3 modules. You could combine these, because they are all the same size, to form a rectangular ship. This will decrease the size need for the shipyard, and require "tug ships" to place the parts together. It would work much like docking, where the player would move it into place, and perhaps use the welding tool to match both assemblies and define attachment points. After this, you could start welding the parts together.

    This would give the players a natural way to advance, in example:

    -Lone survivor
    -Small base/resource ship
    -First drilling ship to gather more resources
    -Small factory, consisting of power supply, refineries, assemblers, design tables/computers (for blueprints) and assembly areas with robotic welders.
    -Base defences (obviously, this far in game you want to fend off any unwanted guests to protect your buildings but also your blueprints).
    -Eventually build large factory for creating assemblies for large ships.
    -Build large ships from assemblies by the means of tugs and joining assemblies by welding.

    I mean, this would encourage players to build these things in order to reduce workload. That lets players mine and gather resources/scavenge wrecks etc for parts, and bring them to their base for processing. A well designed factory will process ore, build parts and assemble ships automatically. This also lets players focus time and energy on defending against attackers or infiltrators, instead of the inevitable getting jumped whilst building ships actively and losing everything you have worked so hard for.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Yes. Yes. Yes. The more elaborate anything automated I can build becomes, the happier I will be. They definitely need to make ships and objects tuggable, and joinable. Either a soft attachment that can be placed in a deformed state, which can then be welded to align the two separate entities into the same grid space.

    2. Very nice idea, because now I often load saved gave after destroying my ship. Not because I lazy to get resourses and work to assamble new ship. I just liked old one and don't remember all details to assamble exactly the same. In other words – I hate even idea of fighting because I lost THIS ship and will be forced create new from scratch, and it'll be not the same. Factory with blueprint give me posibility to recreate new ship to replace destroyed one.

  25. Why the question wasn't "How would you prefer to play SE: cooperative/competetive/both?"? What does the anwser to question "Do you play cooperative or competetive?" tells you when the game is in state where cooperative play is hard and competetive impossible?

  26. The data here is being misinterpreted:

    Saying only 7% plays competitive is not what follows from the poll. The poll results show that 47% play competitive and 93% play cooperative. "Both" voters should be counted to both competitive players and cooperative players. The 2 choices are not mutually exclusive.

    This also makes it in line with the amount of people using weapons.

  27. I would love to see some AI ships show up every now and then in survival mode. Maybe they are hostile, maybe not. This would give all the weapons and turrets on ships a purpose in co-operative play. I would love to see them expanded into factions. I would love to find their bases when exploring and find out if they are friendly or not. I realize this may be asking a bit much, but this would greatly increase the amount of time I spend with the game and would probably push a lot of my friends to purchasing the game. I realize this would basically make it a clone of Minecraft's survival mode (put zombies on the drifting cargo ships?), but I feel it would be an excellent addition to Space Engineers.

    1. Survival is great, but it has any objective. It's bad. Some global (primary) objectives with random local (secondary) objectives in progress will cure this lack of interest in Survival.

  28. I recently bought the game. I had seen videos from a youtuber called Captian Shack (XP Gamers/TGN) about the game. When I saw a video where him and a friend built each their own fighter that they would use to duel with, I was very interested. When a friend of mine asked if I was willing to play it, we both bought the game. We spent the next 4-5 hours looking at we can do in survival mode. I was impressed with the visuals for damaged models. They don't just have a linear progression like most game, but a group of blocks will distort to the damaged area. We had fun discovering the mechanics and current features of the game work, but currently I find there to be little challenge in Survival mode. There is no external threat that would cause my failure. I suppose running out of uranium ingots is a threat, but that's not a challenge. I just don't see myself playing a lot of the single-player unless there is an actual challenge to the game. Other wise it's multi-player is just really to goof around rather then overcoming tense situations/scenarios with other people. I hope to see more in the future release, and my apology if you have already stated planned features that would appease my critique.e I only recently started following.

    1. I completely agree. I think, some generated events during open survival to coop together will be more interesting, then fight with random guys. Some kind of team adventure, I suppose. "Star Trek with friends", maybe with some kind of Dungeon Master functionality for choosen players.

  29. Unbelievable game, seriously.. Came across this little gem while drooling at Star Citizen videos on youtube, decided to give it a try. Now I'm behind on work.. and life.. and hygiene. The wife is leaving me, she said she's taking the kids. How dare she distract me when I'm trying to build a space station!? Anyway, a couple of things I'd love to see implemented into the game would be welding multiple blocks together to form a single in-game piece (sub assembly building), more cockpit designs (INT and EXT), gravity generators for small ships and maybe being able to color half-blocks. Good job devs *thumbs up*

  30. I just got the game a few days ago on Steam so I didn't get to participate in the survey but like most people I don't really play the game competitively, though at some point I'm sure I'll give it a try. My favorite way to play it is co-op in survival mode. With the new updates I can see that creative mode is going to be really useful for making custom start scenarios. A friend of mine and I are planning on going into Creative mode tonight to create a custom start up scenario for ourselves.

    Fantastic game Marek. I'm so excited to see how it develops and to see all the improvements that are coming in the months ahead.

  31. I'll start by saying this is an awesome game. You've done a fantastic job. Even in this unfinished state it's the best value for money I've gotten from a computer game for a long time.

    But some of the conclusions you draw from this survey are a bit wonky.

    "Only 13% of you prefer the creative mode over survival. This is interesting, considering the fact that the survival mode was made available only a few weeks ago." Two things. 1) The question doesn't specifically ask about preference. 2) Players like to check out new things so if the recency of adding survival is relevant it would most likely be that it's artificially boosting those numbers. That said, survival mode being an actual game I'd expect it to be more popular.

    "Only 7% of you found Space Engineers through the usual sources (magazines and blogs)…This is awesome and a proof that our initial plan of "focusing on community only" works."

    The only conclusion you can logically draw from these numbers (alone) is that coverage of this game in the usual sources has been minimal or possibly unenticing. That's all. It's possible you'd have a bigger community with a different strategy.

    Me for example, I've been vaguely aware of SE for a long time. I only use steam for Skyrim but I'd seen SE pop up as a featured game and read it's description and watched its vids. Looked interesting but not enough to buy. A few days ago I was looking at online / multiplayer space games and saw SE in a youtube video previewing a bunch of 'unreleased' games. That footage and commentary changed my impression of the game and I'm really glad it did.

    "Only 7% of you play with a competitive style… On the other side 41% of you use weapons which contradicts the 7% competitive play. So I have a question: what do you use weapons for?"

    I've only been playing for a few days (in survival mode) and haven't advanced enough to reach this point but I have the cargo ships option on and imagined that at some point I'd be able to use weapons to attack them and recover matierals from the wreckage.

  32. Add research to the survival mode. Also, allow players to find artifacts when they mine that would speed up or even grant a particular research.

  33. I dont know about the rest of you but I use weapons for target practice and mini-games a lot. I don't consider mini-games as competitive as say pvp.

  34. Just some food for thought. I do know and understand that the developers are working extremely hard on making this game feed all of our hungry wants and desires. I've played 81 hours so far of Space (many of them with my clan members), and I must say there are many cool things that you plan on adding; something really cool to add for space stations in my opinion, would be:

    Making it possible to group items together, i.e. all of the interior lights, assemblers, refineries, windows (to be explained), etc. I hate having to go through over 80 interior lights, to change the intensity of every single one of them. I've got 6 refineries, and assemblers, and 3 large reactors.

    Making it possible, like with turning lights on and off, opening and closing windows. The diagonal windows and flat windows, in my opinion would make the game extremely realistic, if you could close every single window on your space station. Closing the station off from the outside, possibly making the station a closed environment, with its own oxygen.

    Leading up to… Air locks. Double doors, for a station, so that players can enter the station, stop in the airlock, it equalizes, and then lets you into the station. Some really cool effects could go into that. I mean, who wants to live in a space suit all of their life?

    An event you could have is that the space station may "fail" or go into "lock down". All of the windows (if there are any) close and lock, as well as all of the doors, closing and locking. There's then an infestation that enters into the station. and you have to defend yourself against them. Kind of like the infested in Halo 1, that everyone was so spooked of, or excited to see and face.

    Speaking of doors! I don't like it, that if you are in a ship, or not even in it, and the door is closed, and the reactor is off, that you can't get in, or out. The most noticable thing that I found, is that from the outside of a rescue ship, with the door closed, you can K the panel, and control the other parts of the ship from there. You can turn on, and off, the reactor, from the door panel??? That is what seemed the most unrealistic to me. I understand how you may need to be able to do it, if your locked out of your ship, and the reactor isn't on, but I just found it a bit unrealistic.

    That's my food for thought.

    Please let me know what you think about it, if you like it, don't like it, agree, disagree, or whatever.


    1. Love your suggestions, especially about the doors/airlocks and panels.

      I would love to see that change so that you can have a central comand-panel, and the others only control itself.

      One more thing I would like to see is being able to control your internal wiring on the ship. That way you can build some extremely complex systems where some systems only access some parts of the ship or station and so on. If wiring is too complex to model perhaps this can be done on the central command-station. The initial central command would be the cockpit I guess.

  35. I generally use the weapons for mini games, aesthetic/"role playing" reasons, and construction-based competitions between my friends and myself (especially when it comes to themed builds).

  36. Asking if people play survival more when survival is a brand new feature is practically asking for skewed results. I have no doubt the majority of us plan to play survival, but I doubt it's as shocking as the statistics from this particular poll. I think I said survival at the time since it's what I was playing more when it was new, but in practice it's probably both.

  37. Being a minecraft fan and a fan of science fiction I decided to look at this game. what I first saw when I started playing amazed me and I immediately jumped into it. now me and my friends love our own little server. There are some things I would like to see changed: large ship weapons like everyone else, a different and easier way to take apart blocks in survival mode, I do think the blueprint design saving was a good idea but still be able to make it "by hand" with like a projected outline that you could build into, and finally being able to create ore in creative mode I know that it takes the fun away I would just like the convenience.

  38. I think that there should be scenarios as many people have stated, but with ai ships plated with like a random symbol on the side of them. These ships will be affected by a difficulty and time while generating the level and you choose how long you have until a fleet of ai ships come along and try to destroy your base. And every say hour a group of ai ships come that are slightly harder than the last, and the time in between gets large, but if you can destroy the ships, command module for say maybe an ai player sitting in a cockpit you can salvage the ship. However, that presents a problem where you can just completely takeover the ship but you an have it so when the ship is raided or you get into the bridge , red lights flash and the ship self destructs its important compartments making it useless. This makes it so you have to manage your time while stripping the ship of its supplies so you don't die or loose its valuable materials.

    The Devs should check out starmade, they have a good asteroid generation system because its infinite unless theres a server set thing. But everything else is horrible.

    Also, having random recked ships or stations with say Zombie astronauts after enabling them, would be pretty fun. Space engineers, survival apocalypse.

  39. About using weapons, the simplest answer you can get: Best way to dig into asteroid is to set warhead and detonate it with rifle, clean job, no rocks, like in the case of drilling. I wish in a future update we gonna be able to stick explosives to a wall and detonate it with an remote device. Also, I hope you'll add suction to collectors πŸ˜‰

  40. People use weapons but I don't think they are the central point of the game. So many people love mining, and the weapons is a defensive side feature, just like the necessity of propulsion systems. The last thing anyone wants is 90% of the time practicing aiming perfect like some counter strike clones.

  41. Survival mode was what sold me on this game. THis is entirely opinion of course – but when the elements of scarcity and danger are part of the experience, everything feels more rewarding.

    Dedicated servers are the biggest value add right now – in my opinion. The viral marketing strategies that are so successful in promoting this game… by their nature attract bands of long-term, intelligent players.

    IMO – the best thing you could ever do for a community like this? Establish a longer-term plan to support modders right from the get-go – and do keep their needs in mind when planning a release cadence after the game's official release.

    Mojang did their best to support modders without actually committing their resources to it for a long time. Finally with recent releases they have started delivering value to the modding community with code changes that make modding life less of a headache. πŸ™‚ A horse is cool I suppose… but what's way, way cooler ? Seeing my son and his friends start learning Java for the sole purpose of minecraft modding at age 9. πŸ˜€

    Miner wars had left me pretty apprehensive, unfortunately… Now, after playing this for a few hours for the first time tonight – complete 180. really looking forward to this game's development progress – and the especially promising prospect of a strong community.

  42. Why can't we retain all the positive aspects of the current game while adding some emphasis on combat to keep the game play exciting, such as NPC enemies manning those stray ships?
    I know for a fact that I'm not the only person on here that agree's that once you established yourself in game there's really nothing left to do. It's a good concept but needs way more life, in the form of things to do such as defending your base from other players trying to pirate your inventory/take over your base and steal your ships.They just need to work on adding some sort of goal to work towards rather than simply building and staying alive, especially when the only hazard is horribly designed meteors that basically ruin the game play experience in the first place. Factions, dedicated servers with a higher player limit, turrets that actually automatically lock on and attack players entering your airspace to defend your cargo. Some form of character progression always adds some much needed depth to otherwise empty games and should be implemented in my opinion.

    How awesome would it be to actually FEAR going outside your base due to the threat of other players who want your stuff? I would also love to be the attacker, make the decision to set off on a journey with my fleet and attack a rival players space station. I mean seriously, no one wants a shitty simplistic cod style pvp experience at all. We want an in-depth, epic online experience that includes some pvp excitement thrown into an expansive space region with multiple players building stations and trying to survive. Making friends with a nearby settler and becoming trading partners with them while maintaining a rivalry with another, would be extremely interesting.

  43. I just bought this game a day ago, and love it! Thanks for not making it an mmo! If I were doing this game, I'd categorize all things within nav, eng, sci, com, med, etc, and determine what terminal is responsible for these actions, so that you can use component tracking, to lock on to Weapons, or Engineering. Be able to upgrade these systems; Perhaps incorporate space stations, we can dock with and buy and sell what we have worked so hard for! Thankyou for the game, it's awesome 8.5 out of 10.

  44. I rate this game 10/10, for realism, survival, and the mass amount of minecraftness. Mianly the fact that solar power has been added, you don,t need reacters for small and large ships. Stations do need a lot of power, so I recomend using solar and nuclear power to power your stations.

  45. What I would like to see added is a trading system with a distant AI space station .
    Also a random AI alien threat ,, that would spice things up .
    I love this game .

  46. What if the developers sort of add factions like planetside 2 and they all start out on 1 massive map with 1 massive flagship per team that would look different but all end up basically balance each other out, and then what if they have x amount of time to build massive fleets and carriers within certain parameters (I.E. Carriers have fewer allowed weapons but more blocks, battleships have more weapons but less blocks than carrier, fighters have balance between blocks and weapons, interceptors have more machine guns than missile launchers and fewer blocks, bombers have only bombs/missiles and landing craft have more armour/seats etc) and then they fortify pretty existing space stations.