June 24
Today I’m happy to report that we’re taking the next step in our plans to expand the Keen Software House teams. We’re growing very rapidly and planning to grow even more – at the moment we have about 30 people working on the games team and roughly 20 on the AI team. We just signed the contracts to open a second office in Brno, and it has been up and running for about one week.

The Prague teams have moved to a new 500m2 office in the Danube House. This office is only temporary. Our old Dejvice offices were just too small, and since our new offices in the Nile House won’t be ready for three months, we jumped at the chance to spend a few months in the Danube House.

Keen SWH’s new Prague home – the Danube House
Karolinská 650/1, Prague


Our permanent home will be a 1200m2 office in the Nile House in Prague, just next door to the Danube House. This office will be luxurious and spacey, and will be able to hold us even when our teams are 100+ people all together. It will have a large presentation room, relaxation spaces, a sound room, and more. It’s the most high tech office complex in Prague, and we’re very happy to call it home.

Future permanent home of KeenSWH in Prague – the Nile House
Karolinská 654, Prague

The new Brno office is for AI researchers, SW engineers and game programmers who can’t relocate to Prague. This is our first experiment in opening a remote office.

The location of our new Brno office: Veveří 2581/102, Brno

Once we get used to the challenge of having some people work outside of Prague, we will be able to open other remote offices in the near future. We expect that our next offices will be in Bratislava, Slovakia, and then in other parts of Europe or even around the world.

Positions which can be done from/in Brno (or other remote offices):
– AI Researchers
– SW engineers for AI project
– Game Programmers
We’re always hiring, so if you’re interested in joining our Prague or Brno teams (or even working from another location), check out our jobs page here: http://www.keenswh.com/jobs.html

This is all a part of our long term plan to reach talent that can’t move to Prague. We have the resources to expand and we believe this is the most effective way to find the best people to work on our AI project and games.

Thanks for reading!
Marek Rosa

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  1. Congratulations to you all! It's refreshing to see such success in the gaming profession, and more out of the box thinking. Love it!!!

    1. You might even say "Out of this world thinking" hahahahahahha! No one? Sorry.

  2. congratulations on the new offices! you all deserve it! loving the sheer dedication to your community and your work!

  3. I just wish I was not retired and could get in on the action. I spent the last 10+ years doing C# for the front end mostly and Java for the back end with assembler for things that had to go zoom. 🙂 My PhD in Math/Computer Science (almost the same when I started) was to be in intelligent systems and how they would communicate to facilitate both business and academia. However, 40+ years of working as an analyst, mathematician, programmer and often wearing the project manager hat at the same time along with a wife and two kids kind of put those plans on the side. 🙂 There is a HUGE part of me though that wants so badly to jump into the fray anyway and see what I can do. But, retirement and grandkids are kind of nice.

  4. This is so cool. I believe a good, spacey, modern and comfy office is very important for productive work. Danube and Nile are some very nice and modern office buildings. I worked at DH when NH was being built up and I liked it a lot. Just beware of the giant spiders coming from the A/C vents in the floor – mostly they come at night, mostly 🙂 …just kidding 🙂

  5. Congrats Guys ! You deserve the success.
    Do you hire in France ? 😀

    I have the feeling that with czech republic and poland a new video game industry place is starting in central Europe, go guys. I personally am as a Europea fella really proud of you 🙂

  6. Cool, hope that will translate to a less bugs in the future. Because with all that distraction you adding 1 more feature and introducing 2 more bugs that breaks a game play. Just look a t that guy looking at his mobile instead of code editor 😉

    1. you serious? "that guy looking at his mobile instead of code editor". sure, go ahead and do coding 24/7 without any kind of breaks. coding full speed will only lead you to do more mistakes

      anyway, you arent probs even adult yet and never been in work life yet…