July 21
GoodAI is gearing up for our first whole-team conference about general artificial intelligence in Berlin, Germany from July 22-25. We’re sending a full bus of team members, about 25 people, to represent GoodAI.

GoodAI team on the roof of our offices!

AGI-15 is organized by the Artificial General Intelligence Society together with the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). The conference is a yearly gathering of top researchers, academics, and business leaders dedicated to creating general AI.

When I say general artificial intelligence, I’m referring to a technology that’s very different from typical AI applications that most people have heard about – self-driving cars, chess-playing AI, or facial recognition software. These specific applications are commonly referred to as narrow AI, which means that they are built to solve very specific problems.
General AI developers such as GoodAI, however, aim for something more universal. General artificial intelligence of the future will be able not only to perform specific tasks very well, but to function with the skill and ability of a human being. Future general AI brains will perceive stimuli in the same way that a human does – by seeing, feeling, interacting, and learning – and use this data to generate behavior, perform tasks, and respond to motivations given by human mentors. General AI will be as flexible and able to learn as a human.
Conference attendees at AGI-15 will therefore all be dedicated to this major task – developing general artificial intelligence. To support efforts from others outside our company who are aligned with our vision, I decided to officially sponsor the AGI-15 conference with a $10,000 donation.
GoodAI will also deliver a tutorial presentation at AGI-15 about our first product: Brain Simulator, our visual editor for designing artificial brain architecture that is now available to the public under and open source, non-commercial license. The tutorial title is “GoodAI Brain Simulator: Prototyping AI Architectures,” and will offer an in-depth explanation of Brain Simulator and its uses.
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If you want to hear more about what GoodAI is doing at the conference or in general, be sure to follow us on social media or check out our website:
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  1. Reminder that space engineers will never be completed and will be left in an unfinished state, left to the modders to fix it.

    Reminder that medieval engineers is a scummy moneygrab and will be left in an even worse state than space engineers.

    Reminder that keen software has already left one game unfinished: see miner wars 2081

    Reminder that this comment was removed twice already, and censorship instead of discussion is the policy used on keen's forums.

    They know they aren't doing their shit right.

    1. Having lost money on StarForge and other stuff I really have to contradict you here. Keen is really continuing to work on their games (weekly updates!), and they're also communicating rather well (though, not as great as others).

      You're right, Miner Wars is a reminder of Keen's past, but this doesn't mean they'll abandon SE or ME.

      You can say about Keen what you want, but this is not a money grab. Not by far.

      I actually like that they're putting money towards this AI project. Not only can it profit their games, but it's also better than what other studios may spend it on (as far as I can tell).

    2. Mr. Anonymous i have to contradict you!

      1. Marek Rosa said, that he has saved mony for 2 more years only for the development of SE and I believe him.

      2. Space Engineer is in Alpha – Status, they implement more Features as were planned. Because the community wanted it so.

      3. Weekly-updates speaking for themselves…

      4. It's normally, that it takes so much time to develop a game entirely newly –> look at SC 2 or GTA 5 and not EA-Games or CoD.

      5. It's an early Access Title, therefore you have also paid less, therefore it's your Risk. I have only paid 18 Eur and had a lot of fun with the Game.

      6. development of 2 similar Games like SE and ME brings Synergy effects. for example Planetary Stuff like tree's for SE

      7. founding an extra company for artificial intelligence it's a good way from a business perspective. And SE can benefit from it. like NPC's

      8. Ok, i didnt played Miner Wars 2081 and perhaps it is a bad example from the past, but the most of the today's great game development company's have one or two of these unfinished games in their past.

      So if you have no knowledge about software development or business management, you shouldnt write such crap

      And you shouldnt buy early access titels!

    3. Well, I do not know Miner Wars so I can add nothing about that.

      What I can say is that Miner Wars was their first large project, developed by a small team, minor problems can quickly become trainwrecks for small teams, in game development or any other industry.

      Keen and GoodAI of today has grown by quite a bit, comprised of three sizable teams working from two separate offices (look at the picture of the GoodAI team above). It is practically impossible for a company of such size to just abandon and walk away from a project. Their asset value and human capital has grown too much, they cannot just lay off all staff and liquidate assets. They cannot just start another project either, as most of their staff is specialized in current projects.

      Besides, GoodAI is quite the investment magnet, with only economic and political factors scaring away some investment. GoodAI has a bright future (I for one is looking forward to the day I can replace my finance department with AI) and it will also provide good backing for keeping development of their games on track. I have also considered investment depending on conditions, despite their host country being a subordinated "buffer" state. General AI, nanotechnology and robotics is the way forward, I strongly believe that, and I have never regretted investment in companies pursuing such technologies.

      If you are feeling frustrated by the lack of any real development roadmap or clear development structure, just be a bit more patient. Both SE and ME is still building on their respective identities, this will soon change – in regard to SE at least. Planets and AI will most likely be the last big features to be added in alpha. Stuff like netcode and compound blocks require optimization work for it to be effective so, you can expect to see those later in the beta stage.

      Remember that Keen follows a traditional closed development cycle instead of a public access development cycle common with other Early Access titles, the only difference is that they put it in Early Access anyway with moderate success.

  2. Hi, there is some discussion not connected to AI. I’m just wondering why here? 🙂 According to my opinion it is off topic, but it is not up to me to judge it…

    I just wanted to ask you if you could spare some time to discuss one (I hope interesting) idea that I am working on for several years, but I do not have possibilities to improve it more and more… It is connected to AI, but it is just group of hypotheses and opinions. My instinct says me that it could have a potential, but I have my own work that consumes lots of time (I’m university teacher and, as you might know, one of my duties is to public scientific articles, what is sometimes like sword of Damocles). And this is why I’m not able to develop my interests in more ways and depth. So I just would like to share my ideas. It is here a probability that my ideas are just “nothing”, but who might know. Sometimes even random thoughts may lead to great ideas…

    If you are interested, please contact me. Thanks!


    2. Please, explain to me how are some “unimportant” games connected to GoodAI? :-)) I am just joking with this “unimportant”. I just wanted to say that this article is not related to it… It is about much, much different project of Marek Rosa…

  3. I'm starting to feel like space engineers is just being milked for cash for your skynet project Mr Marek Conner, we infested in a game, not an AI, if your using the money from the space engineers sales for anything but finishing the game, that is the same as dipping into tax money to buy a purse for your wife.

    1. Yes I have.
      Sorry but to me that is not good enough a reason, It's unprofessional and unethical, and a complete failure to your customers, if you take money with the agreement to produce a finished project, that is what you do.
      You don't take there money and invest it in a project none of them paid for leaving them without the product agreed to. It's as simple as that to me and millions of consumers.

      I understand what your trying to say, I just don't believe it applies in this situation, once KEEN follows through with there promise of a finished game, it is then, and only then that any further profits can be reinvested, not before.

      It's a simple business concept widely accepted by everyone from consumers to manufactures.

  4. Can we expect wheels to get an overhaul too ? They really need the same speed and torque sliders as rotors. As they are now (with only on slider for both) they are always spinning out and getting stuck.

    the other wheel settings are awesome though