October 23

Dear Engineers,

Today we are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Space Engineers. It has been two years since the release of the game co-developed by the community and shaped by its fans. To this day, more than 150,000 community creations have been shared and more than 100 weekly updates issued.

We are not celebrating just the 2nd anniversary of Space Engineers, but also the creative spirit of the community that drives us, pushes us into the unknown, makes us question what is even possible, and helps us see what we never before imagined.

And here we are after two years, standing on the verge of something big and exciting at the same time. Our biggest content update yet will introduce Planets and it will reinvent the way you experience Space Engineers.

Every single day we are blown away by community creations and we are humbled by passionate content creators helping us to shape the game.

To every content creator, streamer, YouTuber, commenter, reviewer, builder, creator, destroyer, explorer, and all the players and every single fan out there, in the name of the whole team I would like to say: you have always been a vital part of the game and we wouldn’t be here without you.

Thank you for making Space Engineers possible.

Marek Rosa
CEO, CTO and founder of Keen Software House

PS. Join us today at 8PM CEST for a live stream with giveaways, live QA and more: http://www.twitch.tv/KeenCommunityNetwork


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  1. Yes! Two year anniversary of one of favorite games! Your studio achieved soo much and it won't stop here 🙂

    PS. The planetary teasers are really good can't wait to crash my ship into one 😛

    1. You read my mind… I was thinking the EXACT same thing… My brother want's to try and crash the large red ship into a planet while doing minimal damage.

  2. Congrats, been with the game almost since the beginning and still playing. Great job to ask the people at KSH and I look forward to seeing what you've still got in store for us.

  3. Help sektan with is video card plus!! He is a huge part of modder comunity!! Tnx for this 2 year together

  4. Thank you KSH for this amazing game! 2 years of ups and downs caused by the weekly patches 🙂 And hopefully a really big UP soon(tm) 😉 I'm happy I bought the game, because you deserve every cent ..

  5. So happy to have followed the studio this far, there have been many ups and downs, and some of the community may be impatient but that is simply because they are so exited for whats next. Everyone really appreciates how hard you guys work to put out those weekly updates, sometimes you catch a lot of flack from the fans but the truth is you treat your fans better than most other developers. Here is to thousands of hours of fun, friendship and engineering, here's to many more years of space engineers!

    1. I angry as I was yesterday in reddit I have to agree with you, to many more years!

    2. As angry as I was yesterday, I have to agree with you. To many more years!

    3. 100% agree with Soliloquist. You guys are working crazy hard, and I really appreciate every update and only wish I could do more to help.

  6. congratulations for coming so far 😀
    I'm exited to see the future of space engineers (planets and stuff wink).

  7. I don't even have the game but I'm still a huge fan of it and can't wait for those bBIG BEAUTIFUL spheres. Really wish I had the game

  8. Goash keen you are responsible for alot of train derails :I :p
    Happy anniversary 🙂

  9. I don't even have the game but I am still a huge fan of it. I'm super excited and can't wait for those big beautiful Spheres. still really wish I had the game though.

  10. Where can I get those cookies? Also, KSWH is one of the best game producing companies. You update your games regularly, and often draw upon community suggestions.

  11. I wish to see more kinds of cockpits, mainly rover based due to planets coming and the current cockpits would lesson the imerssion. So plz more cockpits, maybe even a new kind of cockpit thats one block but can hold multiple poeple and can be set up like the button panel with the multiple buttons. You know if anyone understood that.

  12. Yammi, sweet words and two cakes?
    (and i thought the cake is a lie)… 😉

    thank u KSH, for an epic game… cant get enough of it… and the epic-trailer 2k14… watched it 1k times now…. xD

    btw 2k15… 🙂 can we have a new one? blue is owning red, this time plz… 8)

  13. you guys are the best!! space engineers is the best game i have ever played hand down!!!!

  14. Congrats!! It's been a long way, but your passion and effort has made it possible. Still not bored and never will!! Love your game.

  15. Happy 2nd anniversary Keen! Let's hope for many more years of teasing and hype train derailing! I love the work you do, and I hope the game will become as awesome… no, even more awesome than I can imagine right now. Don't forget: THE FUTURE IS NOW! Let's do something with it!

    Hypetrain accelerating to 88mph, future, here we come

  16. Funny thing, You guys allways tipically add in the mods I make 😛 I never thought of myself as popular, anyways I am expecting hudge things in the future from you guys in terms of actual modding support rather than "heres some code" And I was looking over the code after the latest update and found the jackpot of "Archnid" information. To a better future, And hopes that I can get the PCI-E Flux Capacitor card to experience it

  17. Marek, this game is so close to the perfect space sim game, the game the world has been dreaming about for so many years now. Keep pushing the boundaries of what people expect from this game, and don't ever stop – – let those features creep! Unleash the creativity in your team, and create the ultimate game!

  18. I just want to say Happy 2nd anniversary and thanks for the 4858 hours of entertainment since SE was released. It is by far the greatest game ever. I have pretty much stopped playing all my other games and solely concentrate on SE. I like the fact that we can contribute to the game through modding as well as suggestions, and feedback. Makes this game that much more enjoyable.

  19. I became very ill recently but I look forward to every Thursday because of space engineers! Thanks guys.

  20. Can't tell you guys how pleased I am with your efforts on Space Engineers. There are very few developers I've seen with as much passion for their projects. You certainly don't see this level of dedication with your supposed "Triple A" publishers out there. Keep up the great work! For my part, you can count on me to continue to share all the news with my gaming group. I've won over a few people, but I'm hoping to get more! 🙂

    One minor suggestion: if jetpacks are not going to be efficient on planets, i hope we can get ladders back in as they are probably the most efficient means of changing levels on our ships and buildings.