May 29
Today we released an early version of dedicated servers for Space Engineers and we also added multiple fixes and performance improvements for multi-player.

We kept testing dedicated servers during the last 7 days, but we still consider them to be in an early stage: only large-scale testing can prove them to be working correctly and also they will need some additional functionality (better user rights, remote control, integration with game hosting companies, etc.).

The dedicated server is a new application in your Space Engineer’s folder; but it’s built on the same code base as the client version of Space Engineers. The difference between them is that the dedicated server has disabled graphics – no rendering and no texture loading. You can launch the server either in the command line mode

or with our config application

 or as a windows service

If you plan to host your dedicated server at a data center, we recommend running it as a service (you can control auto-restarts, etc.)

Dedicated servers are available for everyone who owns Space Engineers. You don’t need to purchase a second copy to host a dedicated server. Dedicated servers are currently allowed only for non-commercial use, so companies that host game servers or everyone who wants to host his server at such company, please wait a few days. We will be working on making this possible.

Multiple instances of a dedicated server may run on a single machine when each instance is configured to use different port. The dedicated server comes with a configuration tool which can be used to define what world will run on the server and what port will be used by the server. The server may run on the same machine as the game.

Dedicated servers manual:

Together with the dedicated servers, we also released a major multi-player overhaul. Ondrej has spent the last two months with networking optimizations that are specific to our fully destructible and dynamic environment. If you consider that in Space Engineers you have a vast number of objects that can be instantly created, moved, accelerated, deleted and changed their shape– all this generating tons of data packets where events have to be predicted and/or interpolated, yet still maintaining proper object ownership and server authority – you will understand that he didn’t have an easy task.

We also hope that multi-player lags are history, except in situations when there are too many dynamic objects that need to be synchronized between server and clients, generating large data packets that may not get easily through servers with slow up-link.

Hopefully, the following weeks will show that we were successful. We need your feedback too: if you encounter weird multi-player situations (crazy spinning objects, disappearing objects, strange movements, wrong synchronization between clients and server, etc.) – please send us an email:

We want to give you a 100% operational and bulletproof multi-player – once and for all.

Please let me know your opinions in the comments below. Thank you.

  1. Are factions coming soon? With dedicated servers, if we leave our game, our builds are pretty much defenseless against thefts or random attackers. We need to defend our builds.

    Forum user "Faв"

    1. because this, I want remote control, for all stations and all ships, to turn on/off things. I have 4 destroyers in strategical points far my main station to security it, I need turn on atack movement when any KAMIKAZE's join my game and throw sux yellow ship in my base.

  2. Thank you for dedicated server support! Totally worth the wait.

    On a side note, does it support Mono/do you have plans to support. The reason I ask this is because it will allow Linux hosting. I have a both a Windows and Linux server so I am fortunate, but others may be less so. Is there also a way to get the server to run without going through the instance launch GUI, maybe a command line parameter?

    1. _Yes please_ give us a linux native dedicated server!
      I have several linux servers running and i'd really appreciate to have one of them running at least one instance of it.
      It would have severe impact on my peers buying copies of it if i could host for them 24/7 (though they would also like to see a linux client).

  3. You guys are the best dev team of any game ever made. I've never seen such speedy responses to our wishes. I hope this game makes millions and millions!

  4. Very well done !
    Keep up the good work.

    PS: Maybe you Dev´s could talk a bit more with the Comunity inbetween of Patchday 🙂

    Thank You!

  5. Greatest ever!!! I have a server just sitting and wait ting for this day!!! Last thing I want to see is adding the grouping to the action bar for execution. After that its all icing on the cake to me

  6. Cool addition should make multiplayer mode with friends more enjoyable. What other features are planned down the pipe?

  7. Been having a ton of fun playing multiplayer and I am excited about the dedicated servers. Excellent game especially for being this early in development!

  8. First of all thank you for the dedicated server! Persistent server is a must have in Space Engineers! 😉

    I hope a linux version will also be available, because I have (and in fact the other 2 player I'm playing with) a linux server running 24/7. 🙂

    Thank you for the awesome update!
    A very happy gamer

  9. How about making the game run smoother, and better for older computers, reduced textures and smoothing out shading and asteroids, before adding new stuff

    1. This game isn't very graphics demanding, just turn your settings down.

    2. all my setting on lowest and in mp I get 3 fps Im using decent computer so ya…

    3. Does your base have lot of spot lights and things that move? i.e. rotors just spinning freely? Damaged Blocks? Ships with thursters on?

      Yeah I get 120fps peeking out of an asteroid. In the real working game world if I don't watch what I'm doing its 10 fps and 5 fps if I go close to my base workshop.

      I tried to make a 6 legged walking mining contraption with multiple joints to articulate and FPS went to 1-3 from 30ish when 1 leg spun freely. and no it needed some type of AI or at least servo control but would of been awesome. Alien world = Alien equipment design

      Side note:The latest nvidia driver is not liking SE on my pc too, it's crashing every 5 mins with pretty magenta screens.

      Thx for an awesome OCD experience.

      -GTX 650Ti 2GB

  10. This is awesome! Thank you guys for implementing this.

    Are there plans to release a Linux-compatible server? This would definitely increase the number of available servers out there. And as Fae said, it would be great to see a way to protect certain blocks from attackers, put codes on doors, etc.

  11. Faв set your turrets to attack anything that comes close. turn them off when your online and leaving your base. 30k out from center seems legit for a platform base.

    ~ Lazerlee

  12. Thank you for dedicated server =)

    I have set the "Steam Group ID", but i'm unable to join the server ( "Steam servers offline" ). I tried to set the OnlineMode as OFFLINE, PUBLIC and PRIVATE but anything works :/

    i can only join when the Steam Group ID is to the default value ("0").

    1. This can happen when you:
      1) launch the game without Steam running (although this is possible only with our internal dev version)
      2) launch the game but Steam is in offline mode

    2. Zdravím Marku. Moje angličtina není na zrovna vysoké úrovni, takže dál jen česky. Steam mi běží v režimu online. Ostatní hry mi v multiplayeru fungují. Když si otevřu přímo zobrazení serverů na Steamu, tak ho tam vidím. Když se však zkusím napojit, problém přetrvává.

    3. and how the actual f*** could i join my own server when i have to run steam on both machines at the same time(pretty impossible though -.-)?!

    4. Dedicated server doesn't need Steam, so it doesn't need your account as well. Just run dedicated server in no-user mode on one computer, and normal SE under Steam on the other computer, and it will work. Trust me 🙂

    5. "Zdravím Marku. Moje angličtina není na zrovna vysoké úrovni, takže dál jen česky. Steam mi běží v režimu online. Ostatní hry mi v multiplayeru fungují. Když si otevřu přímo zobrazení serverů na Steamu, tak ho tam vidím. Když se však zkusím napojit, problém přetrvává."

      ahoj – tady keen support. Prosim napis nam na a posli svoje logy z dedicated serveru. Diky moc!

  13. +1 for Linux DS. Windows DS isn't a lot of use. Surely can't be that hard without any graphics to worry about? Looking forward to it, even if it is a Mono version or something.

    1. thats not right windws is more useful as Linux!!! a lot more useful!!

    2. Clearly a windows user who knows nothing about Linux and the fact it's open source, more secure, more stable and tends to use less resources.

    3. " and tends to use less resources" if u talk about cpu-resources, maybe true (but not nececarily if u set up a proper Windows core Server), but concerning "human resources" its wrong. much more effort in maintanance and its user-unfriendly as hell. and its slowly vanishing anyway…. Windows and virtualization (vmware) is all u Need in the future

    4. Actually, Linux has seen more use within the last 5 years than it's ever seen. As a user of Linux along with Windows (I use Windows on 1 machine out of my 5) Linux has shown more use to me than Windows has. Also, your bit on it being not user friendly clearly shows that you have not used it much. Linux also can do things that Windows cannot dream of because of it's vast developer community and it's use on servers, supercomputers, and embedded systems.

      If you run an Android phone, you are a member of the Linux user base…
      If you run a wireless router, you are most likely a member of the Linux user base…
      If you have a DVR box like a TiVo, you are a member of the Linux user base…
      If you run a smart TV, you are a member of the Linux user base…

    5. Hosting a SE server with my 64 node Pi cluster would be very nice. Or even a multi node Beowulf cluster. Need Linux support… Excellent game so far though, keep up the amazing work.

    1. Nope. It's the same user ID and you wil lget kicked if he joins.

  14. I have been itching to start hosting a dedicated server for SE, well done guys! I will give all the feedback i can on the forums.
    @Ondrej, take a breather, this was one hell of a job!
    To all the developers, thanks for making this possible!

  15. Very nice work releasing a dedicated server. I, however, do not like how you guys ruined the games modding potential by obfuscating the server. This will only end up hurting you in the long run.

  16. Very nice work releasing a dedicated server. I, however, do not like how you guys ruined the games modding potential by obfuscating the server. This will only end up hurting you in the long run.

  17. I paid for several copies of your game, please release this dedicated server for Linux!!!

  18. I know some people don't think that linux can run games well, but here's the truth: They run all servers better than windows servers do.

    Yes, the Windows clients currently run better because they are optimized for that. Windows is NOT optimized for serving games.

    I just want to make it very clear to the development team that this game will NOT be successful without a linux dedicated server.

    Mark my words: You will see a spike in the amount of Windows dedicated servers, followed by a steady decline. If you create a dedicated linux server, you will see a steady increase in the amount of servers for at least a year, or longer if you can innovate some great features that allow mods, etc.

    I'm not some schmuck know-nothing, and I'm not some jerk know-it-all. I'm somebody that wishes for the best tool to be used for each job. Right now, the worst tool for servers is Windows.

  19. I just decided to buy a server a few days ago with minecraft in mind….
    This is way better 😀

  20. wonderful

    all we need now is the actual ability to actually JOIN our actual dedicated server eh

  21. I can barely connect to some undedicated servers.
    Dedicated ones seem to refuse me most of the time, I'm receiving messages as "steam servers offline", "user is not in group", "authorization failed", "connection failed: timeout" and each attempt forces me to wait for 45seconds or more before the server list displays again.
    I have a poor connection as of about 60ko/s but still, I can often play on undedicated servers much more easily.
    However, thank you much for all your updates, you are doing a hard but awesome great job! ;D

    1. This is probably because some dedicated servers allow only users from a certain Steam group to join. Our error messages are not very helpful in this situations… we will work on this during the next week. Thanks

    2. I hosted one myself, opened ports. Cant connect to it even though its public.Authorization failed and steam servers offline.

  22. my friends seem to be having similar issues when i host my dedicated server. when they try to join they get "steam servers offline" and "authorization failed". i have checked that they are in the group but nothing seems to fix it.

    any ideas? have i done something wrong?

  23. + for linux server. I think it could work with wine, but it would be better with native linux server. Major servers are linux servers. But thank you very much for your work. And we looking forward to have any sort of protection of our buildings. If some one don't need it, just give them separate type of game (something like grefering allowed). Thank you.

  24. Great news! I'm curious, however – how does the dedicated server treat asteroids? Do they continue to spawn while there are no players connected to the server? I love having asteroids turned on, but am concerned that with a dedicated 24/7 server they'll pummel our structures mercilessly while we're offline.

    Awesome work, guys!

  25. +1 for -native- linux server software, dedicated hosting companies are a very real thing and most dedicated server boxes that stay mounted on my rack for any reasonable length of time are definitely not windoze.

    Getting things to work with wine or virtualization are just hack jobs. Native so much better (and stable)

    Side note: Fantastic Work! Love the game so far.

    1. is virtualization hack jobs??? grow up, virtualization has been the thing that matters most and what most data centres and hosting companies do these days. WINE is a hack job, Virtualization is a common thing.

  26. The idea is that i only want people from that group to be able to join the server. i know that the issue is caused by using the steam group functionality. what i'm asking is wether or not there is a way to make that functionality work correctly.

    when i host the server with the group id in the steam group id entry i am able to join but everyone else in the group is unable to join. is this functionality currently broken or have i not set it up correctly?

  27. My Feedback?..?

    Quote:"Dedicated servers are currently allowed only for non-commercial use, so companies that host game servers or everyone who wants to host his server at such company, please wait a few days."
    = Biggest Bullshit ever.


    Really! Biggest! Bullshit! Ever!


    It means that we finally have dedicated servers, but aren't able to find one that is hosted on a suitable server. one with a decent internet connection.
    Currently you can only find home server out there with all problems of the non dedicated servers … and often with even more problems.

    I know no one that is running a server and doesn't play them self and or or uses their computer. Therefore most servers are bound to be laggy to begin with.
    A low upload rate doesn't help either.

    The biggest upload rate in my country is 6Mb/s (well… at least in offers that are availible national, there are a few local offers that offer more, though. But they are only available in one or two cities )

    1. I dont think that you understand how the protocol they use for this games multiplayer works. They use a UDP packet system so upload doesnt play a lot into it as UDP packets do not require a large upload as they do not require the recipient to receive all of them. If you loose say every max 1 of 10 packets then you will only usually notice a slight FPS drop. I myself am running the Space engineers client, dedicated Space engineers server as well as a dedicated Minecraft server on my system without issues or lag with 5-10 people on each server at any given time with virtually no issues. I am running an AMD FX-8350 8 Core processor stock with 16 GB DDR3 RAM. I can manage all of that quite easily on my 8MB connection for upload.

  28. Hopefully the Devs can continue the steady stream of updates and additions to ingame content. I would like to see modability added soon and mods on the workshop. Keep up the good work Devs. Add more stuff to the worlds like abandoned stations and new block and weapons types.

  29. Me and some friends have encountered an issue, we cannot join our own dedicated server, whatever we do, ports are open, and steam can see the server, but when we try to join it says server not responding, even though the host is on it fine

    1. Are you using a privately hosted server? and does the host use a static IP?

  30. Please add ALIEN ARTEFACTS hidden inside asteroids or floating around space. Love the work your doing, keep it up

  31. We've encountered large lags due to players joining and leaving. Perhaps if each space sector dynamically loaded asteroids per player rather than one large map. The full map could be only very small far distance models, and when approaching a new asteroid field the players could torrent the files to eachother directly, including ships and asteroids. A nice slow approach is a great time to buffer stuff. Though fast traveling ships might cause issues, primarily the bulk of processing comes from the big asteroids, and we want bigger ones. A thin crusted hollow giant planetoid sphere would be awsome. Keep up the great work, love the new ideas.

  32. You know that it would be nice if there was a linux based dedicated server for this just because getting a windows server key is money that a lot of people dont have and people like me who have a linux server already that has 8cores and 16Gigs of ram would like to have it on that box with out havving to go through wine just to attempt to try and get a game to run on there server but i know that everyone on the team is still working hard to make the game as good as possible so Im going to try and install this and get it working with wine other wise I will be getting a windows key just to get a server for this game running

  33. On a forum you asked what would boost sales as much as multiplayer support has. The answer would be mod support and API's. Let your community work for you, building new blocks and features wich can be added to the final product.

    There is only so much you can do in so little time. Having an entire mod community will boost that a hundered times over. It worked for Minecraft, why wouldn't it wor for you as well.

  34. Does anyone know of a way to prevent players from saving a game file from a dedicated server? Having issues with players grabbing down game files and using SEToolBox to locate players instantly. Causing a lot of grief, making security of a station or ship impossible, and ruining a good time.

    1. I think there's a checkbox in World Settings for this, so you can disallow clients to save worlds in multi-player

    2. I've been told that the option isn't there through the server interface. This was posted on my thread by a user; Miroven on Reddit:

      "Are you indicating that this functionality exists? If so you'd have to gen a single player world and load it in a dedicated server, or something else that I'm missing? It's definitely not currently an option for world gen with the dedicated server."

      And here's the link to the whole conversation if you want it:

    3. Any assistance with this issue would be awesome. Thanks for your feedback and the hard work put in on the game.

    4. Aha, so I thought we already added this. I re-checked with my colleagues and it will be added in the next week update.

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  36. Boght the game yesterday, LOVE IT! then ive went on to convince several friends of mine to buy it and play it together! then i saw there is no linux version of the server 🙁 So please make a LInux DS Server! its the only way to go longterm! i wouldnt have played minecraft if it wasnt for the lin server…

  37. Is there any hope of getting a linux version of this any time soon? I would love to put this on my dedicated server.

  38. Is it possible to set up a multiplayer game in steam offline mode via Lan without any internet connection?

  39. I am having a huge problem with the dedicated im running sucking up giant amounts of net resources all of a sudden… everything else is running smooth but just that aspect is killing my net. It just started yesterday after running without a hitch for 3 weeks.

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  41. Errors with the server configuration tool ..
    It can't generate the xml config file on server 2008 r2 so no go with dedicated server..