August 18
Our Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers teams have been working hard to develop new features over the past few months, and recently it became clear that in order to keep the gameplay at a high level, we need to slow down the pace of adding new features and focus more on improvements.  To say it another way, we’ve been pushing towards new features in a highly motivated, almost crazy way and it’s time for a stabilization period 🙂 We added new features, and now we are working on improving these features and making them feel more complete by using opinions of the community. This is essential for titles that are available in Early Access – we enjoy getting feedback from the community that helps us in the process of optimizing the game.

This means that starting this week, we are moving into a temporary feature freeze period. We will be focusing exclusively on finishing existing features and on bug fixing. I want to assure you that weekly updates will continue, but they’ll be focused on stabilization rather than on new features.

The stabilization period will allow us to fix issues that appeared after recent features were implemented, and improve the overall gameplay.

It’s important to state that going into a stabilization period does not mean that we’ve reached Beta – in fact, we did something similar back in October 2014 (see Taking time to finish existing features and fix bugs is a normal part of game development, and it has been received positively by the community in the past.

The stabilization period will not affect or slow down the development of upcoming major features, which we will continue to work on in parallel with bug fixes. This includes:

  • New multiplayer for Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers
  • Planets for Space Engineers (See our teaser video and screenshots below!)

Finally, I want to say that we are so thankful to our community of players and fans who are very helpful in finding bugs and reporting in-game issues – we couldn’t do it without you.

Thanks very much for reading! As always, feel free to leave comments and questions below. I am very interested in hearing your suggestions, especially about what should get finished and fixed first, what can wait for later, etc.


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  1. Very sensible of you to make that decision. We all can't wait for new multiplayer and planets, but the rest of the game should be fairly playable by then, too. I really hope that we'll get alien looking plant life. Also, does the second to last picture mean that we'll get new landing particle effects?

    1. When thruster exhausts touch the ground, they kick up dust based on the voxel they're touching, sort of like a landing particle effect yes.

    2. Everything you're capable of doing in multiplayer can be done in singleplayer. They run entirely parallel in this game.

    3. @Robert J Shields, proofread your post before clicking "Publish". Your post is very hard to follow. Ten grammar mistakes and four spelling mistakes. I can't even tell what your point is.

    4. Also, he's horribly misinformed, so he really doesn't deserve to even play the game. Calling out the game for updating the multiplayer as "ONLY BEING MULTIPLAYER" was so 10 years ago.

    5. @Robert J Shields, I hope that picture isn't you…
      As @Sanders said "Ten grammar mistakes and four spelling mistakes."
      I hardly couldn't read your post right.
      About 3 – 6 times I had to stop and re-read you said to just understand your badly understanding English. :/
      No offence mate, but I do agree with what you did say until @Casey Charles said. Best luck in the game! 🙂


    That is probably the biggest bug that needs fixed.

    Second is piston /rotor wiggle that causes massive explosions on dedicated servers.

    Third is the issue with station grids disappearing along with ships when you use a welding ship.

    1. While we all want that, it would take months to do that, as they've already said.

    2. Christ, can you -not- write in all caps like you're yelling at the devs as if they were your slaves?

    3. you do know, that landing gears, connectors, rotors and pistons all have the same bug, right? it fails with connected grids mostly in multiplayer (and high speeds)
      and i have to admit, i have never seen the second bug in 670 hours of gameplay

    4. I couldn't agree more.

      The fact that I have to completely omit anything rotor or piston based from my ships is a serious drag, as is the fact that I can't have small ship bays that actually hold small ships.

    5. A single block type is not the problem. In my opinion the main problem is the game underlaying architecture. They divided the world into chunks but it still has a singlethreaded game logic. That means, that even with a quite highly clocked Intel CPU it can be quite difficult to really USE the vast amount of space. I run a dedicated server an more than 60k blocks in total can be a real challange. The clients have their own problems with that, but for the server its crucial, because crashes get computed differently and rubberband-effects start to happen. I know it would be very very hard up to impossible to get SE multithreaded but everything that reduces the server load without simplifying the gamelogic makes me very thankful. And that better performance and stability leads to more fun playing it, despite of some bugs with a specific type of block. By the way, please make more thinks configurable without having to write a mod to disable or change it back. The recent rebalancing changes totally destroyed the things been build or being build. So like with oxygen it would be nice, just to disable this new feature and being able to prepare for it and activate it then.
      Thanks for keeping in touch with us players, keep up the good work and thanks for all the time having challanges and fun mastering them.

    6. o/ anon @9:54.
      Optimize, (group armor blocks) so they dont calculate as diffrent objects in game.

      And ading new stuff might be cool, But when optimization day comes- its going to be mothers of all works (on active blocks ) i think.

      Good luck though. I was going to play this game active all the time, but i shelved it later on, Just waiting to its all done i think.

      They should have just hired some nice engine architecture people – Buildt a new engine and layed groundwork for space engineers 2- And just salvaged the first one- moved everything 2 it.

      Instead of an AI group they should have made a Engine, build team

    7. lending gears are buggy caus the netcode like pistons and rotors too its all the same issue with the netcode

    8. I too have had this problem in the live world, of the station and the ship you have just welded together disappearing when you grind the block away to make it independent, what i found is this is more to do with my computer's memory than anything else, what i do do now is save the game then grind the block, or restart my computer again if i have been playing for a long time, this stops that type of problem

    9. John Doe: It's more than just the "netcode." It happens in creative mode, single player.

  3. For the people commenting about landing gears, pistons and rotors: The new MP should fix that problem by a lot because these parts are mostly bugged by desync (this tears the two grids apart because the server and client don't seem to agree on where the two grids actually are).

    If you want to dock ships onto ships:

    For large ships and stations use merge blocks. These blocks create a singular grid which makes the whole docking system very stable and secure.

    For small ships on large ships/stations, the docking gets a little less stable, but is still doable. Using a mod that contiains tracktor beams/mag lock blocks, you can relatively safely dock any kind of ship above the emitter.

    1. Using large landing gears to fix small ships also works. I have given up on using small ones, they can also explode in single player.

    2. The only reason all these glitches occur is because multiplayer was 'forced' by the community. If keenSWH had had been forced, these glitches would have not occurred.

    3. Small ship merge block did not work with large ship merge block, because their dimensions are not the same… they cannot connect…

  4. Hey, do you plan to leave super-powerful dampeners on planets in release? I'm one of those, who enabled planets via source code and I noticed, that almost all ships can freely float above surface, because dampeners on lower thursters working on approx. 300-400% power – is this a temporary developer-feature or this will be permament?

    1. asking if a feature in the game you need to enable in the source code is going to be permanent?

    2. This sounds like its the ship acting against the planets gravity as gravity is a constant acceleration and if dampeners are activating, then that sounds like gravity is accelerating the ship ( like in real physics)

  5. Sorry if I missed this but i thought there was supposed to be some announcement for the feature they thought would be cool but would prolong the planets update. That was almost a month ago…

    " our team came up with some fresh and great ideas that will make this feature even better! So we made the hard decision to prolong the development a bit more but for a good reason. We are planning to share more detailed info very soon, so stay tuned!"

  6. I've got 70 hours in a world, taht I really like, but I can't play, because I have got really hard lag. Without any ships I've had about 150-200 FPS. I've got a 100+ block long large ship with several small ships and I've got about 20-30 FPS, sometimes lesser than 10 FPS. It can be frustrating, because I know, that my PC is pretty high-end, and it should run it perfectly. I think you should make some FPS optimization fix. 🙂

    1. What graphics car do u have?

      i have a gt9800 and it is 7 years OLD and work fine until i make 2 large ship ( so sad i can't use dx11)

    2. Probably you might have too many objects floating around. Try to limit these either by editing game save or by tweaking world options. It used to help in my case.

    3. I can't imaginge any high-end pc having trouble with that amount of ships. I have a i7 4790k and a GeForce GTX 770 Phantom (with 4 gigs VRAM) and fps were at about 30 400 hours in my survival world and got down to 20 after 500+ hours (thats when i stopped) but I also had like 30 small ships in different locations (so they wouldn't render all at once – good for fps, but the sim speed is unaffected by this) a large drill ship, a mobile base, one hell of a stationary base and like 130 mods, so again, i can't imagine a high end pc having problems with your world

    4. Heck I get 25 fps with just a single huge ship NOT EVEN MOVING (we are talking 10,000 blocks or more), lowest visibility range, world size, everything, won i7 4770k, Crossfire 290's (though SE doesn't support CF) and 16 GB RAM. Throw in mods, which I do and it's 15 fps. I only use the game for creative mode ship building. I couldn't imagine what it'd be like in multiplayer or even with multiple ships moving around, hahaha. Then add in damage effects? Any other game would be called outright unplayable, even in early access with that sort of performance.

    5. I have an AMD FX-6300, and a GeForce GTX 750 to, and I have almost never had any frame drop problems, I have had a strange movement speed reduction problem, but it almost never interferes with other aspects of the game. Has anyone else ever had this problem?

    6. This is just Space Engineers normal way to get around a "weak" CPU (weak as in, too weak for all the calculations that have to be made). SE just reduces the simulation speed, so that every physics calculation is still made, which reduces physics bugs on weaker machines and huge worlds. You can even check how fast your simulation speed is in the debug panel (Alt + Shift + F11 if I'm not mistaken) somewhere in there should be "sim speed: x.xx" where 1.00 is the standard sim speed and 0.01 would be a hundredth (one percent) of normal sim speed

    7. In my opinion its good Keen is supporting low-end PCs.My laptop has 3.2 gb total ram(not including system use) and im able to play SE and ME.Some pepole may not agree but it makes the games acualy playable to pepole who dont have $500-1500 to spend on upgrading a PC making the game have a biger player base and help speed developement by generating more money for the dev team.

  7. Do you still plan on adding ai into the game since my friends don't really like the game it gets kinda lonely and I'm not much for multiplayer

    1. i totaly agree
      i have heared a rumor that space enginners have a low player retain amout (people buy the game and only play for 10 hours) Partly because of complexity at the start, so i think tutorials are design to help wit this.
      So my 2 friends with S.E. dont play it and AI would make survival much more fun and the would be a point for putting defence on your ships.

  8. Please first push forward the landing gear fix and nerf inertia dampeners near planets(they work up to 1000% power)

    It doesn't matter about the order of other fixes, but fixes to multiplayer will be greatly appreciated by the community and may help will keeping new players playing and have them invite their friends.

    1. please read other comments before posting one yourself. they ARE working on the "landing gear fix" but theres no such thing as the landing gear fix – it's just desynchronization of the connected grids in MP (and at high velocities in SP) so, the new netcode should fix nearly all problems with landing gears, connectors, rotors and pistons. after that, it's just plain old optimizing.

  9. Will you be merging any community bug fixes and updating the Github master during this period?

  10. This is the best SE news so far IMO.

    I really like the game but bugs make it hard to play for a longer period of time (due to tanking performance or things breaking randomly). Last time such phase happened I was sceptical, but this time I'm all for it.

    The fact that new multi-player is still on track and progressing as it was, makes this to me a decision with no shortcomings. Game is already a lot of fun, being able to play bug free (relatively) and with friends will be the best thing that could happen.

    1. Happy one … I got bugs which annoys me to the poit I will not play until they will be fixed

  11. Things to fix please:
    – Pistons (Still flaky in many situations)
    – Character and Ships randomly flying off at high speed
    – (Chanting) DX12, DX12, DX12!!!!
    – Under Graphics…why are all the rocks shiny? Unless polished most rocks will be matte to semi matte, or a fleck where facets reflect but not the entire surface.

    1. Other things to fix:

      -Continuity of block design- most blocks have hard edges, but all the newer 'uncle ste' style blocks have no clearly defined edge, making them look unfinished.

      – Some of the afforementioned blocks don't mirror correctly when using symmetry, along with a few other specific blocks.

      – Welders can't be repainted in creative, only fixed to yellow.

      – Drills need some work so that they drill a slightly larger hole, thus making them even worth using for anything other than surface mining. Currently, they implode far too easily.

      – Landing gears need fixing.

      – Sim speed issues need addressing urgently.

    2. And…. Space Stations breaking off the rocks and floating away….
      I end up wondering why I was 10 Meters away from the rock I plant my station on xD
      I got no thrusters on the station, it just jumped off completely and destroying the Hull almost leaving all my air out!

  12. Keen, consider adding: Asteroid rings to Barren planets, Weather, Proper clouds, Water, Asteroids that try to hit the atmosphere and the planet will break down in the fire effect. Add a atmospheric entry effect.

    After you got the BASIC stuff above, you can call your creations planets. Right now, right off the bat, they look bad. Even on the screenshots.

    Blocks you could add: Orbiting block coupled with remote control block. The orbit block will automatically align your ship into a relatively slow orbit and resist gravity.

  13. Good to hear you're going to be ironing out some of the bugs.

    With the upcoming planets update, would you be able to do a blog post about how this will affect gravity?

    Specifically, how will it affect ships and is there a difference between artificial gravity (from generators) and planetary gravity.

    I'm working on a large station that uses grav gens at angles to access different floors and it would be handy to know if the whole thing will rip itself apart as soon as the new update comes in.

  14. you guys have had basic engine issues since the day your game was launched and its been showing. Fix your engine issues and netcode and landing gear explosions will be a thing of the past. Personally I'd rather see those physics engine issues fixed then planets. But thats just me.

    1. That's exactly what this blog post is saying they're doing. They're working to stabilise existing fatties before implementing new ones. That doesn't mean the entire company should stop what they're doing until the bugs are squashed. They can work in parallel

    2. You are not alone… No need for planets till space behavior is fixed

    3. i wil add to this that for planets to do a succesfull entry to the game they need to have more than just rock and atmosphere, i mean by that planets are great but if you have nothing to do or see on them it becomes really boring really quick, i think what planets will need absolutely is NPC's, so yeah i actually don't wanna see planets right now

    4. I'm glad they are taking time to fix issues. But my problem is that landing gear and other things have been issues since day one with their engine. Issues that should have been fixed a long long time ago.

    5. Yeah same here. I get atrocious performance all round on a great PC.

    6. I tend to believe that easily fixing SE physics issues is not possible, since the Havok is not generally intended for stable simulations. Actually, it was built a long time ago to support displaying dynamic debris for shooters that don't affect gameplay. Networking issues, most probably, have the same reason behind – game just cannot make Havok to behave consistently across peers. Also its lack of GPU acceleration severely limits performance and complexity of mechanisms that we build in SE. Havok is the cancer that's killing SE, it's unstable, buggy and slow. If devs want to move forward, they should drop it and write something better.

    1. Unless the engine is literally incapable of having it's calculations run across multiple-threads, that is incorrect.

      That said, the solution is to address that glaring weakness in the engine. It's not impossible, it just likely requires more work than they can throw at it currently.

  15. Honestly, I am more excited for this feature freeze state than actual features. It will be nice to have better optimized worlds and gameplay, with many bugs being hunted down each update. I feel the little by little when I start up the game every thursday, I hope that fps goes up little by little!

  16. I want circuits. What I mean is blocks that, in the same way as conveyors carry electrical wiring that must be used to connect modules up, maybe with switch blocks for shutting off power to certain areas/systems or rerouting/boosting power (for higher thrust values in engines maybe?). They can be additions of normal blocks, but with internal wiring that must be placed from the reactor/battery/solar panel to any block that consumes energy, it will make designing ships a little more interesting and damage could render whole systems inoperable demanding emergency repairs or retreat.

    More life support, we got oxygen, now water and food please, maybe to tie in with resources on planets. Maybe a bit too far but diseases/viruses…? Space lurgy?

    More stability with landing gears of course, maybe gravity clamps that hold ships together without actual contact, with a laser effect when in use, in dark blue, I like dark blue.

  17. I was actually hoping for this. I agree with some of the other commenters that have mentioned refinements to pistons and rotors. I would really be interested in improvements like that, it's going to be all about some pistons and rotors when planets come out

  18. Surely the end of the scrap wood menace in medieval engineers and the spontaneous explosion of all dynamic objects with stones involved XD

    Looking forward to the improvements!

  19. planets and mp would be new features,and since they're not releasing new features Guess I'll have to check in a year when the period is over

  20. Update us on the progress you make. People are hyped, I am one of them and we love what you are doing. However we wait untill every thursday to be impressed with a great update. Great doesnt mean new features though, last week's update was awesome in my opinion. So my suggestion for you is to post on your blog more often or share more videos of your progress, even a photo from office will help. People will complain less if you let them know about the improvement of SE. You can even have interviews with coders or designers and post them so we can learn more about what is in your mind. I usually dont like comparisons but I think you should check out Star Citizen youtube channel to be inspired about what I am advising you to do.

    1. totaly agreed, I will throw in another example of good alpha campain for inspiration, The landmark campain ( before daybreak took over ), they were doing frequent dev streams with questions from the players and stuff like that,also they were doing creative contests and also weekly streams were they showed the creations, so maybe one of those ideas could be nice for SE Too

  21. It boggles ones mind when the game gets so laggy with only a few hundred blocks or pushing the view distance out past a few thousand yards, that you main concern and focus is adding huge lag inducing objects like planets. This game is so buggy. How about the Cosmic Trebuchet. Or how about jump drives that lock up your machine. Or how about cargo ship sensing being dependent on view distance.

    1. +1 agree entirely this game isn't going to achieve its potential unless it is optimised.

    2. Agree, and since this is still alfa(UHHHH i saida ALFA!) this will not happen now, and impatient people like you and me will need to wait until development reach beta. ;D

    3. It's not their fault you're playing their game on a POS computer. You gotta pay to play…

  22. If rotors could be more optimized so you can tell which is left and which way is right, it seems you have to rotate each rotor to figure out which way each goes.

    1. Positive velocity is clockwize (aka right) and negative velocity is counter-clockwize (aka left), looking towards the rotor from the top.

  23. i would love to see player (infantry) combat upgraded, making it really FPS like, yes i know this is not FPS game, but it has guns … verry bad working guns.
    Im not a programmer but thease are my suggestions how to change fix guns :
    1) fix the glitch when you aim down sights, your aim resets vertical look
    2) fix the wierd shackiness of the model in players hands (first person)
    3) change how accuracy works, add hipfire (when not aiming) and change crosair to look simelar to most modern first person shooters (it shows what is accuracy when not aiming), but when aiming (ADS) your accuracy is much much better
    4) add reload and some hud info how much ammo you still have left in your weapons magasine, also add reload animation and time
    5) add different types of weapons for different battle scenarios and for different amount of space required to hold that weapon, for example, if you are building something but need weapon for defence, you will take small pistol, it wont take as much space, if you want weapon with longer range, maby you will take sniper rifle, that would have zoom scope, hight damage, slow fire rate, or shootgun for CQC with high damage but poor range (every weapon would have its own ammo)

    I also have some ideas for new suits, but that would be feature not a fix to existing ones, but if you are interested i could talk about them (i have already once talked about this idea in one of SAGEs videos i think.
    im not sure how i will get replies if i will get them, i gues sicne its google account i will get them on bell looking icon on youtube

    1. I think the fact that guns are in this game period is more than enough.
      It's Space ENGINEERS

  24. One thing that really annoys me is that on a dedicadet server, the actions and groups in the toolbar in a cockpit or a remote control block resets every time i reconnect. I know that i can save them with a blueprint, but this is very annoying, especially when you have a ship where youre constantly working on and changing things or if you build a ship from scratch.

  25. I would like to see some optimizations for shadows and glass, since some of my large stations and such which have a lot of glass create a lag monster.

  26. I would like to be able to manually enter values for configuration of certain blocks (Rotors are a pain to set up because of this because sliders are not precise enough
    also another idea would be when you asign something from your tool bar that is suposed to increase or decrease a value when you press it, to be able to choose how much is it gonna increase or deacrease when you press it, I have in mind here when you overide thrusters you have to press like a mad man until you get full override
    and a last idea is group renaming, in the control panel when you have like 200 lights and you to rename for example 150 of them to be hangar ligh1,…..hangar light 150 and the others maybe control room 1 throu 50 well you have to do it manually for each light wich is anoying and time consuming, so it would be nice to be able to just slect the 150 light an tell them you are gonna be hangar light and it renames the 150 with the coresponding numbers

    alright that is all i have for now i will jus add that i really love your game and can't wait to see the multiplayer fixed (actually more than see planets)

    ( excuse my english i am not american or any kind of english speaking nationality so i do mistakes )

  27. Can we expect wheels to get an overhaul too ? They really need the same speed and torque sliders as rotors. As they are now (with only on slider for both) they are always spinning out and getting stuck.

    the other wheel settings are awesome though

    1. Smaller wheels would be nice too. Like a 1 block wheel that actually touches the ground, or a 1,5 block wheel. Right now it is nearly impossible to make truly compact vehicles because the wheels are so big.

  28. There are not Desert, Snow and other new textures in source code! And thruster's dust too!

  29. In addition to fixing pistons (which really, really need to be fixed), it would be great to see the oxygen sealing of blocks be given an overhaul. Especially glass, which looks like it is sealed at times, but isn't, like when diagonal window blocks touch straight edges, or when it looks like windows are not sealed, yet the game thinks it is. – Like diagonal windows put on the side.

    Also, if blocks that are out of sight for the player(s) are rendered, then changing it so that only blocks that can be seen are rendered will probably optimize the game a lot for FPS. Would be nice with proper multi CPU/GPU use too.

    And finally, if I was to ask for a new feature it would be for armour blocks to be colourable on all sides.

  30. 2×2 wheels woudl help rovers to be more functional, fixing rover wheels woble that is present at high speeds, pistonns detaching and destroying whole ship, killing respawn stations in places 1 block high, damaging reactors should give radiation poison, oer damaged components should give health damages even if minimal, control seat for small ships since there will be o2 on planets, animals like cats dogs and maybe hostile creatures too for planetary exploration, food, new trusters and different kinds of fuel. Weather on planets, crashed ships or other structures and last is water. Thats all that im waiting from planets

    1. yes
      but alseo a 6×6 whel to heelp with offroading in se when plantes come 🙂

  31. Something more on combat size is like a work bench so we can have our own suits Customize helmets. Maybe give us a option to craft our own guns or tools. Set our own frame ( small or lage weapon) then choose kind of weapon ( if it is a pistol, a shotgun, rpg, a rifle or a machine gun ) Then its the astetics part.
    Might sound hard for now but it will be a cool feature to have on planets, not only on planets but in space too. Its good that we have explosives now but they are hard to use and they cant be sent to furter places like a rpg does.

  32. Performance is the biggest issue I am having. I have a fairly new alienware laptop, the most expensive they sold at the time, and it can not even run an empty world much above 5 or 6 frames a second. This is with shutting down all possible background programs and running it in performance mode (overclocking), which is the only way I can get the game to run at all. Strange thing is, the game doesn't seem to be using any system resources. At first I though that there may be something wrong with my computer but it runs other similar games like empyrion galactic survival, Planet explorers and 7 days to die without issue. Fixing this is going to be a must if your going to be adding performance killers like planets into the game.

    1. 1. Alienware is overpriced.
      2. A gaming laptop is f*!&ing stupid. I still don't understand why anyone would buy a laptop for gaming knowing that it will be totally obsolete in a few years. If people had more brain cells than cash, they would build their own for half what you pay for an Alienware whilst outperforming said Alienware.
      3. Planets are NOT performance killers. I compiled the 1.094 version and spawned a 100km planet as well two other 50 km planets. While there was a slight fps drop on the surface, it wasn't a game stopper. People need to realize they can't play games at max settings with old/inferior hardware.

  33. I have a small bug report that is still in the game since I first reported it in the forums.
    Its very easy to test and notice, but it wasn't responded to or investigated as far as I can tell.

    Effectively: get two conveyors set one to white list and one to black list. grab both of them and turn the blocks off or on. Check the list setting again. They will both be whichever list setting you had visible. I hate this bug as it means I can't turn off/on my sorting blocks all at once or it will break the list setting.

  34. I think for landing on planets now we need better indicators like an advanced Attitude Indicator on screen… actually why not have dials or information on the Cockpit screens, that would be nice for people that like the first person view only.

    1. this would be nice and mabey an orbit ui eg. like kerbal space program . or just show apoapisis and perabais from center of planet (heighest and lowerest part of an orbit. If they are almost the same the orbit is round)

  35. I can't belief no one has mention this but the UI

    im assuming some of the ui is still place holder and i know this uptdate may happen later.

    ALSO it would be so Cool if the ui said the accelertaion of your ship (m/s^2) so you could compare you ships speed in your fleet.

  36. Great to hear planets development is not affected by this.

    Does this also mean that you take a new look into the integration of some of the great community mods? New variation of blocks like:
    • sexy micro thrusters
    • slanted micro thrusters
    • nano thrusters
    • modular thrusters
    • better thrusters
    • big industrial thrusters
    • or just armor thrusters
    • round armor thrusters:
    • New door-variantions
    • and new forms of doors
    • new navigation lights
    • conveyor vent
    • improved painting
    • lift cage
    • hatch
    • boarding ramp
    • sloped lcd
    • computer monitor
    • built in lcd functions
    • demolition charge
    • rc cameras
    • moar buttons
    • new piston look
    • blast windows
    • slant conveyor
    • buzzer
    • beton
    • bigger hangar door
    • command consoles
    • round glass windows
    • new solar panels
    • armor slabs
    • boarding ramp

    All of these would improve shipbuilding imo. I also think the look of most of them fits the current vanilla look.

    The game UI could need some love too, but not sure if this is the right time in development for a revamp.

    1. i'd love to see some of these mods in the game too, but some of them should stay mods as some seem like extras such as "sexy micro thrusters". are they actually reading this? cause that would be awsome!

  37. hey i'm REALLY happy yall are finnally fixing and optimizing the game.

    your #1 priority should be fixing game breaking bugs such as MASSIVE sim speed drops after leaving an asteroid you just mined.
    this made me stop playing the game as i play survival only most of the time.

  38. I would love to see some optimisations. It's very sad when conveyor tubes cause more lag than conveyors. I really think the game needs improvement on the performance front. You can't build too big without causing huge lag. I'm not asking to build a one to one ratio death star… Just don't want super lag kicking in when a ship is more than 200m in length.

  39. Regarding last week's, patch I love the fact that you guys are taking a good look at balance and progressions, but I feel as though a more global view may be of more benefit.

    Such as making more global rules for the game to follow. At this time, the all vanilla thrusters use individual rules to guide how much power they use and how much thrust they put out. However, I feel as though it would be a bit easier on the game if there were more global rules for the game to follow rather than specific rules relating to different blocks.

    Dynamic Thrusters, for instance. (Explained: ).

    It seems to me that specific in game items could inherit more things so as to clog up the game a tad less. (I am positive you guys know how to program better than I do, but a little suggestion never hurt anyone)

  40. Something that might be good to reduce lag with planets would be that you can't look through the atmosphere. This way you don't have to render all the trees and stuff when you are looking at a planet. And if you are on the planet you won't have to render everything outside of it

  41. Really need to fix landing gears and I would like to suggest a feature that could be added

    some form of lour a story weather it be in the form of temples found on planets to explain a story that happened before you arrive maybe something that will reveal a second layer to your story

    and I would love to see some form of alien life forms i don't really want to land on an alien world and find there only life there is some grass and tree's

    finely thank you and your team for creating this amazing game we all can not be thankful enough I really wish somehow I could somehow show you in other ways how grateful we all are for your amazing games thx and good luck to u and your company

  42. Make the game(s) use more than 15% of cpu or Something, sim speed is half and needs To be fixed. Maybe optimize the framerate stuff, I don't know, I'm not a programmer but I know how hard it must Be to fix these problems, I couldn't even get past the first bug I ran into while making my first game (disaster)

  43. Why on earth isn't "Fixing Multiplayer" in Space engineers included as a stabilization phase but a separate big "new" feature?

    Your own words "The stabilization period will allow us to fix issues that appeared after recent features were implemented, and improve the overall gameplay."

    This perfectly describes the multiplayer issues currently in the game, which are caused by the fact that more and more other features and gameplay have been implemented without solid multiplayer updates…

    If your serious about stabilizing the game, focus on making it stable also in multiplayer which is what the majority wants to play ( but many like me are staying away from it ).

    Last time I played multiplayer my ship full of components I spent the last 5 hours collecting and producing decided to randomly fly away and due to lag I was killed chasing it down and it was lost forever…

    1. Because they're changing the library they use to network things while still supporting the old build till there (They fixed some DS issues, last week). So, yes, it's a major feature.

  44. Has he given a Date or tip when this splendid update will be out?
    I want to jump on the HYPE TRAIN!! 🙂

  45. "Planets in the next few weeks" Mmmm'k.

    I hate fake teasers.

    But maybe that will be an opportunity to improve the currently unusable mechanisms (rotors, pistons, etc), so that we can use the physics of this physics-based game for other things than planting ships into rocks.

  46. Finish the projector support for pistons and rotors please!! why does nobody ever mention that -_-

  47. I have a cpl thousand hours played. I love this amazing game. I have a mid range pc with midrange graphics, and I've learned what not to do. It's an alpha game, peeps. Adjust. Keep up the awesome work, guys, and thank you for an awesome game.

  48. And for those who can't use landing gear in servers, use conveyor connectors instead. It works flawlessly for me in MP on any server I join.

  49. I am not sure why we must wait so long for the final release of content in development when we paid for early access. I know its not finished but I feel like I am waiting for the release of a game when I should be testing content as its being developed . Its like the developers have the true early access and we just sit back and wait for them to release content they feel is complete enough for a completed game.

  50. what i would like is to see the parts that continue to be white in DX11 being fixed, ie turrets, pistons etc. also, for some reason in DX9 on the large ships the drills have become yellow and will not change colour again. also i know that the bug has been fixed for the engineer when he leave a ship but for me it's the movement, ie moving forward and backwards while stationary in first person, this can be a little hard to deal with at times and sometime makes me feel a little disorientated, i know rag doll has come but it's could you please stop the excess movement when the engineer is not moving. I love the game and i am glad that the time is being taken to sort out the bugs that have shown themselves so far, please keep up the great work and know that I will continue to support what you are doing (mainly because i'm having so much fun LOL) a BIG THANK YOU to all at KEEN…Lord Wraith…

  51. what really needs to be fixed in Medieval Engineers is, that you can really easily smash your constructions with the construction tool if the targeting system doesn't for some reason recoqnize the block you are about to build.

  52. Pistons, rotors, your leggs, guns are weak, worst of all I CAN'T START THE THE GAME IN WINDOWS10, when I do the loading screen pops up but freezes the whole computer(never happend before W10) and you can't even close the app by usig the task manager, it just doesn't react to end taks (very weird I know). I also spotted that while it was booting up in W10 it was using 0% of my cpu (I have a good cpu but not that good).

    1. I have the same issue. When it goes to the load screen it is just a blue pixelated screen with the music and the button sound in the background. I may have to roll back my Win 10 upgrade to Win 8.1 even though I don't like 8.1 very well.

  53. A setting that would be very helful for me would be Mute audio when game is mininmised.
    it is anyoying to hear jet back noise while watching youtube,so i play with no s.e. sound 🙁

  54. This actually just another attempt at blowing smoke up people's rears. it means they are actually putting the planets and netcode that everyone was promised over a month ago in their roadmap, on the back burner once again. This really shouldnt be any real shock as many of the players who were looking forward to the updates and were valued members of alpha have moved to other games because they were tired of waiting for updates they were promised. if you dont believe me just watch what happens in the next month or so. or you could look at the changes in past some of which were not part of the road map they laid out. they spent too much time focusing on the scenario feature, a feature which many advanced players wont use and couldnt care any less about. future updates? i'm guessing even more support for their scenarios. future tutorial scenarios. possibly some bug fixes, maybe in another 3 months we may actually even see the new net code which many are convinced they arent even working on.

    If you haven't be convinced that this is just a smoke job let me point something out. this game follows a pattern. thursday = update of some minor feature that everyone hopes is the netcode rewrite or planets, but it never turns out to be those updates. friday = hotfix day where they patch the patch that was suppose to be a bug fix, a bandaid for a bandaid since the original bug fix either doesnt fix the bug at all or just makes even more bugs. so if they are spending their time fixing their fixes that broke more stuff. when are they finding the time to rewrite their shobby net code? or incorporate planets into the game?

    Dont get me wrong, I know programming a game is hard work and it is even harder to troubleshoot your own coding. However I also know companies shouldn't announce timelines and promises they cannot or do not plan or even attempt to keep. This is why several gamers have even gone as far as requesting their money back.

    1. I'm currently playing 4 different early access alpha/betas right now. They are all great games and none of them are developing as fast as I want them to, and alot of the progress is not in the order I would want it.

      But something I've learned playing all these games, is to stop being a fucking baby that needs to articulate his need for instant gratification. (was never that bad about, still not that good)

      I would rather devs change their minds a little after announcing what they intend (without canceling those features) because of reasons instead of not telling us what they are doing or intend so that they don't have to deal with shit heads complaining that they aren't driving exactly on the roadmap.

      I'm skeptical of early release alpha games, and I have a little voice in my head that is always saying "these guys aren't going to finish this game you are being scammed" but it hasn't happened to me yet, and these unfinished games are so beautiful (and frustrating as hell) that it's worth the risk to be involved early on.

      My point is, that unless there is more than ancedotal reason to believe you are being lied to or scammed, then stfu and quit being a dbag. Go play another game for awhile if your tired of the shitty netcode. Ark Survival early access alpha is out. (even if you are right, accidentally, are you going to get a refund? nope)
      ; p

  55. If you are borrowing land technology from Medieval Engineers, will make SE compete with ME for sales? I'm looking forward to crash landing on a desert planet like the one in the pic, having to find an oasis before my water runs out, then mining for resources to fix the ship so I can escape back home to the worried wife and kids.

  56. Please Fix turret AI being so stupid and shooting through the shipps interior to hit something outside the ship… by that i mean teach turrets to NOT shoot a friendly grid if a enemy is behind it.

  57. This is great news as space engineers has a few problems at the moment especially in multiplayer. @Marek if you are reading this a problem that many of us have been having especially those of the modding community is landing gears. they constantly explode of no reason if you have a ship parked for a while. i have had this happen to me once and from what i could see it was because the gear morphed into the Armour block it was attached to. however this only happens for small gears large ships are fine.

  58. I think the big problem in Medieval Engineers is that when adding a new block to a grid it calculates the structure integrity of the entire grid. this is a very simple answer to the problem. But when the grid is a very big city (houses connected to a street and the street connected to the walls which are connected to the castle/s) then the time it takes to calculate the structures is very high. a better solution would be then to calculate the blocks which would be affected by the block that was added and only calculate the structural integrity of those blocks. another approach would be a recursive function that continues in a single direction in-till the block are no longer affected by the adding of the block. this function would the be used recursively on all the directions. this could then be used, again, recursively to calculate the structure integrity of the multiple blocks that are added in in creative. I thought you would have thought of this by now but still my city that i am building in creative is lagging while the small outposts in the rest of the same world are not.
    I don't have a clue how to implement these functions but that is why I payed for this game. If i where on the team of developers I would sit down and do it in till it works. But I am just going to go and work on my solitaire application…

  59. in atmosphere resistants and friction is needed,
    so ship will burn at a exact speed, also normal water and sand is needed, ocean and desert are just cool.

    please take these words in consideration, it is useful

  60. in atmosphere resistants and friction is needed,
    so ship will burn at a exact speed, also normal water and sand is needed, ocean and desert are just cool.

    please take these words in consideration, it is useful

  61. must confess I keep checking each week hoping for planets, seen videos of people playing on them and hoping they were coming soon, I really wish you had released them, then went into a bug fixing phase, I'm sure they are going to add a lot of bugs themselves if they ever do get released.

    The last few updates certainly haven't been content rich as implied in the post either.

    all in all its a good game don't get me wrong, just not looking forward to a boring week or two of no new stuff

  62. I am not a Fan Boy… LOL>. and with that being said, let's prove that statement wrong. I play insane amounts of time almost exclusively in MP… Even buggy, it is very fun!

    I applaud the Bug Fix status you are in. It is being noticed. Keep it up.. Lay a solid foundation first before more features. I love the new adds but som much better to have solid, refined features that work!
    Here's a mention of some bugs/issue/features I haver noticed but do not know if have been mentioned.

    1. I have tow grids (station platforms) held as one grid due to a straighline conveyor tube connection. They are anchored to an astreroid so no movement. I decide to reroute the tube for one reason or asnother. Once the connection is broken it becomes two grids. I end upo having to delete one grid to reconnect. This can happen just by removing one conveyor tube… and then just attempting to place it back
    2. Need better O2/Energy notifications.. Preferably customizable (without having to create a mod or script)

    AND my feature request before release general release: Custromizeable UI windows IE: Modules. I would like to ne able to customize all/most aspects of my Heads up display into little movable windows that are hopefully skinnable. Great for immersion such as skinning it with an alien look… or alternate color. I am one of those that does not like blue.

    Also… even a third party app would be nice.. But I would love to be able to see a 3d map of my gps/known locations..

    AND… GPS.. sortable (static or player placement IE: Put those at top that I want there. Grouplable IE: Select a group, such as can do with systems, so can turn off/on whole sections
    To make it more useful, to be able to share with those in my faction as a bulk share they can later edit or select which to keep/show..

    FYI: Newbs ARE, some at least, using the tutorials. I am ok with you working on that as well as bugs…

  63. I don't know if you are still reading this thread but I have a BIG one for you.
    Servers, you MUST make them auto updating. I lost all interest in my server as I was waking up to players complaining that the server is down again, and every time it was updates. And then the very next day the server is DOWN AGAIN UPDATES fixing the day before updates. All I wish for is for you to add an auto-update option on DSers so I don't have to wake up to pissed off players and losing old players initially because the server is yet again down because of updates.

    PS if this is fixed I then can reopen my 100 player cap, unlimited world for people to play again

  64. Could there be natives on distant planets who would have different tech levels like ones could have the things essential to build spaceships like thrusters and oxygen generators and ones could have very advanced tech like jumpdrives and shield generators (if they will be added)and then there would be ones to have the most basic tech like building blocks and refieneries

  65. Lol.. Yeah… I always thought that when you landed on a planet that it would be a random server hosting that planet and and other game… IE: Medieval Engineers or some such… Of course, to "hard code" enforce the "Prime Directive", ultimately you would come to a hot spot which would spawn you into the actual other server with that tech and all its features and abilities… Until you could find your way back. Of course, the low tech ME folks would see your ship come down and those interested would try to find you becasue it would give them a slight tech advantage or something (within the ME world) They would not get blasters or thrusters but they might get advanced gears or something.. The SE folks could trade for food with gold or silver… etc…
    It would give more player interaction, incite those who are more passive to action, and also add more depth/immersion instead of dealing only with NPC's…
    I can dream!

  66. What I would like to see on planets, or even in space, would be some traders you can get your ressources from, instead of grinding them all. That would set the focus of the game even more on engineering and building, because winning the material out of asteroids takes a lot of time.

  67. I am experimenting with jacking up the weld speed and drastically cutting grind speeds. Hopefully this will encourage less scrapping and more true mining and building. We'll see…. I still think that as time goes on that more and more people will settle and actually inhabit persistent servers that have been up for many months.. With that, people would start to build communities and empires and trading will be a regular part of it.. For now, takes too much to ghet established and then you end up having a server reset due to a glitch or sim speed issues./… Once again, We'll see…. It's my hope that a good community of players will really flesh out the Universe… NPC will just add a little more randomness.,.