August 28

Upcoming release and moving to a cloud

Upcoming release – 30.8.2011 and 31.8.2011 Finally after 8 months of a release silence, we will have a release! First one will go 30.8.2011 to the test build environment and the day after to the public build environment. We are not going to announce it loudly because first we want to test the new auto-updater...

August 22

Full Solar System with an ability to land anywhere (part 2)

In this post I decided to clarify some numbers I touched in my previous post only slightly. Especially traveling speeds and times. In Miner Wars we have two types of ships: small ships controlled by player large mother ships controlled by an AI Of course, there also are sub-classes for each of them. The current...

August 8

Miner Wars – development progress – 8th August 2011

Rastko Stanojevic (3D Artist) works on the intro video for Miner Wars 2081. I don’t want to spoil too much so here’s is just a small preview – not revealing the details! Filip Novy (3D Artist) has prepared these great scenes – just by configuring in-game prefab modules. It took him only 15 minutes. Every...

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