August 1

Miner Wars – development progress – 31th July 2011

Another week of Miner Wars development is behind us. I bring you some insights into our progress. Slobodan got a new camera, so we took a photo of the development gang. Only people available in Prague were shot – you can’t see Dan, Nick and Ansel (they will be faked-in in an official version that’s...

July 24

Miner Wars – development progress – 24th July 2011

I’ve decided to start writing a progress report on Miner Wars development. You will be able to see what we did last week, what we’re up to right now, and expectations of the forthcoming weeks. I will cover everything and all Miner Wars development staff. Richard Waldron (Head Writer) Richard is currently working on the...

June 26

Transitioning from Programmer to Leader

Before I went to E3, our team had only about 6 (or so) full-time developers. I was able to dedicate 30-50% of my time to the actual production work – programming Miner Wars. Upon return from E3, we had nearly doubled our staff. About 11 people in Czech office and a few more abroad. I...

June 20

USA 2011 – Los Angeles, E3, …

See more photos: USA 2011 – Los Angeles Photos from my trip to US, sorted by date, showing my journey:  San Diego, Mexico, Los Angeles, E3, Las Vegas, Nevada, Arizona, Grand Canyon, Phoenix, back to Los Angeles, Universal Studios Hollywood, Hollywood Blvd. (and that’s basically it). Some random notes: Mexico is fine, tacos and burritos,...

June 3

Blogging started

Hello Friends, My name is Marek Rosa and I’m the guy who started Miner Wars development. Recently I’ve decided to write a blog to serve as a diary for Miner Wars development, Keen Software House, and my personal life. (The last category is going to be empty most of the time, unfortunately–not because I’m a private...

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