Monday, June 20, 2011

USA 2011 - Los Angeles, E3, ...

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See more photos: USA 2011 - Los Angeles

Photos from my trip to US, sorted by date, showing my journey:  San Diego, Mexico, Los Angeles, E3, Las Vegas, Nevada, Arizona, Grand Canyon, Phoenix, back to Los Angeles, Universal Studios Hollywood, Hollywood Blvd. (and that's basically it).

Some random notes:
  • Mexico is fine, tacos and burritos, although I expected it to be extremely cheap which didn't turn that way.
  • Las Vegas has fantastic buffets where you can EAT ALL YOU CAN for only 15-20 dollars! In my case it means eating so much that I didn't need more for next 24 hours! This is probably the only reason why would I ever come back to LV :)
  • Grand Canyon is huge. It's an attraction worthy of Miner Wars
  • Americans are not fatter than us, but if they are then it's extreme piece :-)
  • I changed my mind regarding automatic gears in car... they’re better than manual!
  • Universal Studios Hollywood - I can only recommend - good attractions - for example the one showing Water World... they had explosions and a man set on fire... cool stuff! But don't trust their ALL YOU CAN EAT PASS - it's about $20 or so, they’ve only got about 4 different meal types, and all of them are more “pass” than “all you can eat”.
  • There are two photos above which show the former (or current?) house of Mike Tyson.
  • Hospitality issues - some places in US and especially Las Vegas have so many customers that they don't care about you or your satisfaction. It's worse after you actually paid and now expect some services. They just don't care. They make sure they put “NO REFUND” declaration on every paper you sign, so if you don't like what have you paid for... well, then just F*** OFF.
    A positive outcome of this experience is that I have realized how customers feel when they haven't received what they've expected and paid for in a good or service. I am going to do everything in my power to not let that happen to our customers - Miner Wars fans.

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