Thursday, November 24, 2011

Getting a 1 mil EUR investment was super-simple! (part 1)

Last weekend we had Game Developers Session 2011 here in Prague. My company Keen Software House was the general partner of the conference. We were showing Miner Wars, people enjoyed it and they were surprised by Miner Wars 2.5D (which we haven't officially announced yet) - and they seemed to be really interested in it. It seems to be a good concept!

Miner Wars 2.5D
I had a presentation and its topic was: Getting a 1 mil EUR investment was super-simple!

10 months ago I signed an investment deal with my investors. They have put 1 mil EUR into Keen Software House / Miner Wars. I spent only 3 months in the investor searching phase and at the end there were 3 different companies wanting to invest. Then it took only 1.5 month to finish legal papers and get the first money.

It was that simple! Super-simple.

Of course, it was that simple only because I did my homework and spent 2 years working on the prototype, released the pre-alpha and most importantly: sold a couple of thousands of preorders.

In the following blog posts I am going to recapitulate everything, from making the prototype to getting investors, to creating a dream team, to making an AAA game...

Upcoming chapters:
  • History of Miner Wars
  • How did I convince the investors?
  • What wouldn't convince the investors?
  • Relationship with my investors
  • How we operate in a "lean startup" mode
  • Changing role from programmer to enterpreneur
  • How to pick the right developers and "fire" the others.

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