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State AI: A Government That Works for You

State AI: A Government That Works for You 

Imagine a world where governance is not driven by politicians but by an advanced AI system. This concept, which we'll call "State AI", represents a radical reimagining of how societies could be managed in the future.

Core Concept 

Here's the essence of State AI:

  1. Replace traditional government structures (politicians, bureaucracies, agencies) with a sophisticated AI system.
  2. Citizens vote solely on their values, preferences, and desired outcomes.
  3. The State AI then works to:
    1. Implement policies
    2. Utilize the country's natural resources to create free products and service
    3. Achieve these citizen-defined goals optimally

This innovative approach could lead to:

  • More consistent and efficient governance
  • Elimination of corruption and self-interest in policy-making
  • Data-driven, objective decision-making instead of political maneuvering
While this concept may seem controversial or even unsettling at first glance, its gradual introduction could revolutionize our approach to governance and societal management.

Implementation Phases

The implementation of State AI could be approached in phases:

  1. First, use it only as an advisor/oracle, giving advice on how to run the country to maximize citizens' values/preferences

  2. Then, later, give it limited power to implement some decisions

  3. Finally, transition to full AI governance, where the AI system manages most aspects of governance while still incorporating human oversight and input on key decisions

This gradual approach could potentially solve many issues in current political systems while allowing for careful testing and adjustment.

State AI as a Nurturing Force 

State AI can be seen as a machine that takes care of us, similar to how natural systems sustain life on Earth:

  • The sun generates energy that powers our planet and all life on it. It's a machine. We don't pay for the sun's services.
  • Earth has produced natural resources for millions of years that we now use. We don't pay for Earth's services.
  • The atmosphere produces oxygen that we breathe. We don't pay for Atmoshpere's services.

In a sense, we can return to our hunter-and-gatherer roots, where we exploited the natural surroundings, except this time, it will be a more advanced AI-driven surrounding.

This perspective frames State AI not just as a governing system, but as a nurturing force designed to support and sustain human flourishing on a societal scale.

Future Work 

As we develop the State AI concept, we'll explore several radical ideas:

  1. Citizens as Shareholders: A model where citizens are true stakeholders of the State AI, not subjects of it.

  2. Elimination of Traditional Taxation: Exploring funding of public services without conventional taxes. This could involve the State AI directly managing resources and production to provide services, eliminating the need for monetary taxation.

  3. Coexistence with Capitalism: How State AI could provide for basic needs while allowing for private enterprise.

  4. AI-Driven Management of Natural Resources: Efficient use of a nation's resources to produce goods and services without human labor.

  5. Global Citizenship and AI Choice: A system where individuals can freely choose their preferred State AI, regardless of location.

  6. Space Colonization: For those dissatisfied with Earth-bound State AIs, we'll explore the potential for establishing new AI-governed states in space. This could offer unprecedented freedom in governance models and ways of life.

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